Do Deer Eat Begonias?

Deer and Begonias

Deer can be a huge problem for gardeners in rural or suburban settings. We haven’t quite reached the levels of Nara, Japan, but deer in the US are certainly becoming

How To Overwinter Begonia Bulbs and Tubers?

Flowering Begonias

Begonias can thrive in moist, cool, and slightly shaded areas. This is why you should consider overwintering Begonia tubers once the flowers die in cold weather. The article give tips on overwintering begonia bulbs and tubers.

Rieger Begonia Care: How To Grow Elaitor Begonias

Close up of orange flowers of Reiger begonias

The Elatior Begonia [ee-LAY-tee-or] [be-GON-yuh], aka Rieger begonia, belongs to the Begoniaceae genus, the sixth-largest flowering plant genus in the world. The original plant (begonia x hiemalis), was a hybrid created by English plant

Dragon Wing Begonia Plant Growing And Care Tips

fowering Angel Wing Begonia

Dragon Wing Begonia, also known by the common names of: … and is a perennial flowering hybrid species of the family Begoniaceae. Professionally known by the scientific name begonia x hybrida

Rex Begonias As House Plants

The attractive foliage of the Rex Begonia

Rex Begonias aka the painted-leaf begonia grows on window sills, on plant stands, tables, and even a breezeway. At one time, the Rex begonia was thought to be strictly for

Fancy Leaf Begonia – The REX

fancy begonia leaves on a REX

The fancy leaf begonia known as the REX likes warm, humid conditions in filtered sunlight. Lovers of the Rex begonias consider them the most, brilliant and majestic of all foliage

Growing Wax Begonias from Seed

wax begonias in assorted colors - pink, white, red

One of the greatest wonders to be seen in this wonderful business of growing plants indoors or out is the sprouting of a brown, dead-looking seed. And even more miraculous

How To Care For A Begonia: Video

Begonias come in all sizes, shapes, flower colors and with the rex begonia – leaf designs. Below is a good video on begonia care, offering tips needed for the proper