Viola Odorata: Learn Sweet Violet Growing and Care

flowering viola odorata plant

The Viola odorata [vy-OH-la][oh-dor-AY-tuh] is often chosen for its lovely fragrance, which is referenced in the name. “Odorata” means fragrant. The fragrant violet commonly called the “sweet violet,” goes by

Growing Pansies from Seed

The first important step toward success with pansies is to purchase quality seed from a reliable company. One cannot hope to produce top-notch flowers unless a seed of top quality

How To Grow and Care For Colorful Johnny Jump Ups

Viola (vy-oh-LAH), nicknamed Johnny Jump-Up, is a vast and sweeping species of flowering annuals and perennials in the Violaceae (Violet) family of plants. These small, bright, pansy-like wildflowers are naturalized