Growing Aloe Vera Plants Outdoors

Aloe plant in bloom growing outdoors

Among houseplants, aloe vera is considered by many to be king. You can break off a leaf to treat minor burns or even use it in cooking. It also helps

Aloe Blue Elf: Growing and Care

Aloe Blue Elf in Bloom

The Aloe Blue Elf is a hybrid with compact growth habit. These plants can withstand heat, neglect, and drought with relative ease. It produces stems with oral orange, red flower stalks. This article shares tips on growing and care.

Aloe Vaombe Care: How To Grow The Malagasy Tree Aloe

Aloe Vaombe - Malagasy Tree Aloe

Aloe Vaombe (Malagasy Tree Aloe) is a considerably large and beautiful, exotic, unbranched evergreen succulent aloe. The leaves are fleshy, smooth, and dark green with white teeth-like thorns on their curved edges. This article shares growing and care information.

Popular Types Of Haworthia Succulents To Grow

Several types of succulent Haworthia plants

All the succulent Haworthia varieties are easy to grow, fun to collect, and make excellent additions to small space gardens. These small plants require less light than most succulents. Click on this article to learn about the many types of Haworthia.

How To Care For Haworthia Obtusa

Succulent Haworthia obtusa

The Haworthia Obtusa is a small succulent Haworthia species originating from the Eastern Cape of South Africa. Like an aloe plant, the haworthia obtusa [ha-WORTH-ee-a ob-TOO-suh] belongs to the aloaceae

Aloe Aristata Care Tips: Growing The Lace Aloe

Potted Aloe aristata - Lace Aloe by window

Aloe aristata [AL-oh a-ris-TAH-tuh], is a hardy succulent with distinct leaves. In English-speaking countries, these “aloe plants” go by the following common names: Lace Aloe Guinea-fowl Aloe Torch plant The

18 Types of Aloe Plants With Images

Different varieties of Aloe

There are many types of Aloe plants in the world. The most popular Aloe, Aloe vera plant (AL-oh vair-uh), Aloe barbadensis comes from the Mediterranean area and the Arabian Peninsula.

How to Grow and Care For Aloe Humilis or Spider Aloe

Potted short-stemmed succulent Aloe Humilis plant

Aloe humilis (AL-oh HEW-mil-is) is an evergreen, perennial succulent member of the Asphodelaceae (as-foh-del-AY-see-ee) family hailing from the Eastern and Western capes of South Africa. Its common names include: Spider

Growing Aloe Deltoideodonta: Caring For Aloe Rosii

Potted Aloe Delatoideodonta

Aloe deltoideodonta (AL-oh del-toy-dee-oh-DON-tuh), named for the triangular teeth along its leaves. Deltoideodonta hails from south-central Madagascar. It is a perfect addition for aloe fans who want something on the

How To Grow and Care Of Haworthia Pumila Plants

Close Up of Haworthia Pumila leaves

The Haworthia (ha-WORTH-ee-a) genus is a small collection of succulents from the Western Cape of South Africa. These, along with Aloes belong to the subfamily Asphodeloideae (ass-fo-del-oy-de-ay-ee), a member of

Caring For And Growing Aloe Ciliaris

Flowering Aloiampelos Ciliaris (Aloe)

Aloiampelos ciliaris [AL-oh-AM-pel-ohs] [sil-ee-AIR-iss] formerly classified as Aloe ciliaris, is a fast-growing succulent from the Eastern Cape of South Africa.  Aloiampelos ciliaris is commonly called the common climbing aloe.  It’s

Caring For Aloe Plicatilis

blooming fan aloe plicatilis

Aloe Plicatilis (AL-oh Ply-KAY-til-iss) is a succulent shrub or small tree in the genus Kumara.  This plant, also known as Kumara Plicatilis, belongs to the Asphodelaceae family.  Recently, it has

Learn Sunset Aloe Growing and Care

Collection or group of Sunset Aloe Dorotheae

Aloe Dorotheae (AL-oh, dor-uh-THEE-ay) is a succulent plant species from the Aloe plant genus in the family Asphodelaceae.  It is named after Dr. Dorothea Christina van Huyssteen, the daughter of

How To Care For Haworthia Truncata

Unusual Haworthia Truncata plant

Haworthia truncata (ha-WORTH-ee-a, trunk-AH-tuh) is a succulent plant species in the Haworthia genus and Asphodelaceae family. Learn more about the fascinating world of Haworthia Succulent Plant Care. This perennial is

How To Care For Aloe Ferox

Bitter Aloe Ferox

Aloe ferox [AL-oh, FER-oks], also known as bitter aloe, is a tall, spiky species of aloe (xanthorrhoeaceae) from the family asphodelaceae (Aloe plants). Native to Southern Africa, aloe ferox is

How To Care For Aloe Maculata Plants

Soap Aloe Maculata

Known as the soap aloe – Aloe Maculata [Al-oh, mak-yuh-LAH-tuh] is a clumping plant type evergreen aloe from the Asphodelaceae family that includes Haworthia and Gasteria plants.  Native to South

Growing And Care Of Tree Aloe Barberae

Tree Aloe Barberae

Aloe Barberae [AL-oh, BAR-ber-ay], is an aloe-like plant native to South Africa where it can reach up to 60′ feet tall. While it’s often called the Tree Aloe, it no

How To Care For Aloe Brevifolia (Short Leaved Aloe)

Short Leaved Brevifolia Aloe

Aloe Brevifolia [Al-oh, brev-ee-FOH-lee-uh] is a flowering Aloe plant species of the family Asphodelaceae.  An evergreen succulent perennial plant native to the Western Cape in South Africa. It is endangered

How To Care For Aloe Marlothii (Mountain Aloe)

rugged and flowering Aloe marlothii

Aloe marlothii [AL-oh, mar-LOTH-ee-eye] is a large evergreen succulent plant type native to Botswana, Mozambique, Swaziland, the Republic of South Africa, and Zimbabwe. As with many other plants in the Aloe

Growing Aloe Striata Plants: Caring For Coral Aloe

Red edged Aloe Striata plant (Coral Aloe)

Aloe striata Haw. [AL-oh, stree-AH-tuh] is a unique evergreen drought-tolerant succulent type of Aloe from the Asphodelaceae family.  This frost-hardy, South African aloe species is widely found in the southern Cape Floristic Region

Aloe Cameronii Care: Tips On Growing The Red Aloe

Aloe cameronii - brick Red Aloe in flower

Aloe cameronii [AL-oh, kam-er-OH-nee-eye], is a popular species of the genus Aloe (true Aloe or Aloe vera) and belongs to the Asphodelaceae family.  This medium-sized medicinal plant is indigenous to

Aloe Polyphylla Care Tips: Growing The Spiral Aloe

Unusual Spiral Aloe Polyphylla

Aloe polyphylla [AL-oh, pol-ee-FIL-uh] is an evergreen succulent perennial plant type belonging to the Asphodelaceae family. This plant grows naturally in southern Africa in the Maluti mountains located in Lesotho,

Learn Haworthia Coarctata Succulent Growing and Care

The unique Haworthia Coarctata

Haworthia coarctata [ha-WORTH-ee-a] [koh-ARK-tay-tuh] is a flowering succulent Haworthia species native to the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa. It’s part of the Asphodelaceae family and the genus formerly known