A Guide to Common Plant Terms

young girl carrying a plant

Plants aren’t just something to eat or look at. Many help clean toxins from household air, and some even soak up radiation. Even more important is that ongoing research correlates

How To Grow And Care For Sanchezia Plant [GUIDE]

Zebra like leaves of Sanchezia Speciosa

Sanchezia speciosa [san-CHEH-zee-uh, spee-see-OH-suh] is an evergreen perennial shrub species from the family Acanthaceae, native to tropical rainforests of northeastern Peru and Ecuador where it grows as an understory plant

21 Favorite Fragrant Flowers For the Garden

Fragrant garden flowers

Fragrance in the “garden” is often overlooked. A fragrant flower scent can play an important role in what you experience while outdoors. A charming fragrant flower garden is a wonderful

Finding Recommended Native Plant Species

Many new landscaping projects today require or suggest planting native plants. Face it natives already are adapted to the climate, pests, need less irrigation and fertilizer, making them lower maintenance.