How To Grow And Care For Dahlia Flowers

Caring for Dahlia Flowers

Dahlias may be a relatively small genus of 49 species, but their habit of hybridizing and a whole host of cultivars have made this plant an extremely complex one to

When To Plant Dahlias

Planting Dahlias

Dahlias are warm-weather plants that grow best in a sunny, well-draining location. They thrive in warm weather and cannot tolerate frost, so you must plant them into warm soil well

How To Deadhead Dahlias For More Bloom

Deadheading Dahlias

When you learn how to deadhead dahlias correctly, you remove the flower heads after they bloom. Deadheading is done to prevent the Dahlia flowers from transitioning into seeds. This, in

How To Plant Dahlia Tubers: The Steps

Planting Dahlia Tubers

Dahlias are an incredibly varied plant, which is perhaps why they’re among the most beloved. The size and shape of a dahlia bloom can range from a simple Dahlia flower