7 Reasons Why Your Lantana Is Not Blooming?

lantana flower

The Verbenaceae family has a wide range of flowering plants that are home and garden staples in landscaping.  Beyond the namesake verbenas, there are genera such as Lantana (lan-TAN-a) which

How To Grow and Care For Luna Croton

Luna croton

There are several popular houseplants that have stolen the names of unrelated genera. The most infamous of these is Epipremnum aureum (masquerading as pothos), but another infamous imposter is Codiaeum

Growing Radcor Rainbow Knockout Roses

Blooms of the Rainbow Knock Out Rose

Perhaps no other perennial flower has captivated the world as much as the rose. These plants have been the subject of countless cultivars over the years. From the crimson red

How To Propagate Chinese Evergreen Aglaonemas

Potted Chinese evergreen

Aglaonema (ag-lay-oh-NEE-muh) is a genus of plants you’ve likely seen multiple times. They are very popular houseplants. They are best known collectively as Chinese evergreens. There are between 21 and

How To Propagate Monstera Plants

Leaves of a Monstera plant

Monsteras are among the most beautiful choices for an indoor plant if you don’t mind them rarely flowering. The many species, cultivars, and hybrids of Monstera provide an array of

Anthurium Clarinervium Growing and Care

Beautiful leaves of Anthurium Clarinervium

Anthurium clarinervium was first documented in 1952 in southeastern Mexico by botanist Eizi Matuda. The specific epithet, clarinervium, means veined or nerved and references the deep, contrasting vein patterns on

Repotting Anthurium Plants – When and How

Anthurium repotting tips

Anthuriums are tropical plants and a massive genus of perennials hailing from the Araceae family, estimated to have over 1,000 individual species. Anthuriums are gorgeous plants that make beautiful accents

Echeveria Chroma Growing And Care

Echeveria Chroma

Succulents are becoming increasingly popular, and the Echeveria plants (ech-eh-VER-ee-a) genus is among the most desired. These members of the Crassulaceae family are native throughout Mexico and Central America but

Dwarf Allamanda Growing And Care

dwarf allamanda bloom

Allamanda isn’t the most common shrub out there, but those who own one wouldn’t have it any other way. Perhaps these plants would become a household name if more people

How To Propagate Spider Plant Babies

spider plant babies perfect for propagating

The spider plant is one of the easiest houseplants to grow and propagate. They are almost foolproof. This houseplant handles neglect well and grows in a wide range of lighting. Click on this article to learn more on how to propagate spider plants.

How To Reduce Shock When Transplanting Hostas

Hosta young plant, freshly planted and fenced with wooden sticks. — Stock Image

Hostas are one of the most beautiful plants for gardens and landscaping. Why is it important to learn ways to reduce shock when transplanting Hostas? The Hostas’ natural ability to thrive

Why Are My Money Tree Leaves Turning Yellow?

Pachira Aquatica Tree leaves on light Brown Background. Home design and natural decoration concept

Money Trees are beautiful “good luck” plants known to symbolize wealth and good fortune. A popular houseplant from tropical Central and South America, also called Guiana chestnut, this low-maintenance plant is

Tips On Leucothoe Axillaris Care

Leucothoe Axillaris Coastal Doghobble

Leucothoe Axillaris (loo-KOH-thoh-ee, ax-ILL-ar-iss) is an evergreen shrub and belongs to the Ericaceae family along with Calluna Vulgaris.  The broadleaf evergreen is indigenous to the eastern U.S. and is widely

How To Reduce Cannabis Transplant Shock

reduce cannabis transplant shock to seedlings

Like most other plants, transplanting is critical to the healthy growth of a cannabis plant. But, for most gardeners, this is also the trickiest part of growing cannabis, or any

Why Tomatoes Crack When Growing

Cracking Tomato

If you have grown tomatoes for any period of time, you’ve experienced “tomato cracks.” Most tomato cracking is due to sudden growth in the tomato fruit from excess water. The