Why Are Your Money Tree Leaves Turning Yellow?

Money Trees are beautiful plants known to symbolize wealth and good fortune. 

While these plants are generally easy to maintain with few pest risks, money tree leaves turning yellow is a common condition. 

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Light, water, temperature, and more can be the cause of your yellowing money tree.

5 Reasons On What Causes Money Tree Yellow Leaves?

If the leaves on your money tree are turning yellow or pale green, it is usually a sign of improper moisture. This can be either low humidity levels or overwatering.

Although these are the most common, here are five possible reasons for your Money Tree leaves could turn yellow.

#1 – Over Watering

The leading cause of Money Tree leaves turning yellow is watering too much. Money Trees need deep but infrequent watering. You should be waiting until the soil is completely dry before watering again.

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#2 – Humidity

Another possible cause can be too low humidity levels. A dry climate can cause your Money Tree leaves to droop and turn yellow or brown, then eventually fall off.

#3 – Improper Lighting

Improper lighting could be another reason for leaves turning yellow. If your plant is in direct sunlight for too long, its leaves can burn and turn a brownish yellow color.

Additionally, if the light is too low, then yellow leaves may develop as well.

#4 – Temperature Fluctuations

Frequent fluctuations in temperature are a less common but possible cause of your plant’s yellowing leaves.

If the temperature in your room fluctuates drastically throughout the day and night, it could be stressing your plant out.

Transplant shock can also occur due to unexpected temperature fluctuations.

#5 – Natural Aging

The final possible reason that your plant’s leaves are turning is the natural aging of the plant. As it grows, leaves will turn yellow and fall off, and then new leaves will grow.

This is a natural process, and there is nothing to be concerned about if this is the case.

What Damage Do Yellowing Leaves Cause To Money Tree Plants?

If you water your plant too much or do not allow it to drain completely after watering, it can lead to root rot.

Yellowing leaves are the first sign of money tree root rot. Root rot is a condition that, if not caught early, will kill your plant.

Placing your tree in direct sunlight will cause it to burn. Placing it in very dark places will stunt its growth and then over time cause it to die. Money Trees like indirect, bright light, but can adapt to live in lower light conditions, as long as it is not dark.

How Do You Control Yellowing Leaves?

Let your plant dry out completely before watering it. You can check if it has dried out by sticking a dry pencil down into the dirt.

If it comes out dry, it is time for water. It is also essential to make sure that the bottom of the soil has dried out. It isn’t only the top layer.

When you water your Money Tree, soak the soil and let the water drip out from the bottom into a sink or a saucer.

If you keep your plant in a saucer, empty the water out after it has drained out. Excess water around the roots will lead to root rot and ultimately kill the plant.

Increase humidity by misting your tree using a spray bottle of clean water. You can also add a humidifier into the space that mists it automatically.

Another option to increase the humidity is to place your plant onto a saucer full of water with rocks.

Make sure the soil does not absorb any of it and cause your roots to rot.

Keep the plant at an average home room temperature that does not fluctuate much throughout the day. Don’t place your plant in direct light or near a vent or window.

Keep its light and temperature as consistent as possible.

If your plant is losing leaves due to natural aging, the best way to take care of it is to clip the leaves off and keep caring for your plant.

Cutting leaves that are turning will allow room for new leaves to grow. When you find yellow leaves on your Money tree do not get upset. Make adjustments to care based on the reason why the yellow leaves are occurring.

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