Why Are My Hydrangea Leaves Turning Yellow?

hydrangea leaves turning yellow

There are many different types of hydrangeas, and some are naturally pale-leafed, but there are no hydrangeas with naturally yellow leaves. Yellowing leaves (Chlorosis) in hydrangeas is a symptom of

Pothos Leaves Turning Yellow

Golden Pothos with yellowing leaves

Pothos plants are incredibly easy house plants to grow and maintain.  These indoor plants with trailing vines and heart-shaped leaves belong to the Araceae family.  The scientific name of the

Why Are My African Violet Leaves Turning Yellow?

yellowing leaves on African Violet

African Violet Leaves Turning Yellow? When leaves start to yellow on your African Violet it is not only unattractive but could indicate a more serious plant issue. The article shares the reasons and fixes for yellowing African Violets.

What Do Yellow Leaves On A Spider Plant Mean?

Spider plant leaves turning yellow

One of the biggest mistakes newer plant enthusiasts make is to interpret “low maintenance” as “no maintenance.” Even spider plants (Chlorophytum Comosum), which can take a lot of abuse and

Why Do Aloe Leaves Turn Yellow?

Aloe leaves turning yellow

Most Aloe plant varieties, especially aloe vera, are greatly prized for a number of reasons. They are attractive, low maintenance, and have medicinal value. But sometimes, these wonderful succulents can

Why Are My Seedlings Turning Yellow?

yellow leaves on seedlings

Gardeners know the tribulations of growing seedlings. We often hear, “My seedlings are turning yellow Why” We share details on how to Fix it [DETAILS]

Why Are My Pepper Plant Leaves Turning Yellow?

yellow pepper plant leaves

The leaves of Pepper plants turning yellow can be a bad sign. Whether you have chili peppers or sweet bell peppers in your garden, yellowing leaves can be fixed. This article looks at the causes for yellow pepper plant leaves. [DETAILS]

Why Does My Prayer Plant Get Yellow Leaves?

yellowing of prayer plant leaves

If your prayer plant gets yellow leaves the fix is usually fairly simple. The cause is often watering, humidity, temperatures or nutrient deficiency. Click on this article to learn the cause and how to fix yellowing prayer plant leaves.

Succulent Leaves Turning Yellow – Why?

Succulents leaves starting to turn yellow??

Succulents are lovely house plants that are low maintenance and look nice in any room. But sometimes succulent leaves turn yellow. What can be the cause of this? It turns

Why Are My Mandevilla Leaves Turning Yellow?

Pink blooms of the Mandevilla

Abnormal yellowing of leaves (chlorosis) is a problem common to all sorts of plants, including the Mandevilla plant. When leaves turn yellow it is because they are lacking in pigment

Why Tomato Plants Leaves Turn Yellow

tomato plant leaves turning yellow

A lush green yard can represent a major monetary investment in the value of your home. For this reason, when you discover tomato leaves turning yellow or other vegetables it

A ZZ Plant With Yellow Leaves? [LEARN WHY]

ZZ Plant with Yellow Leaves

Zamioculcas zamiifolia or the ZZ plant is a remarkably easy-care plant similar to cacti, succulents, or orchids when it comes to care. Except when the 4 word description is “ZZ