Does Neem Oil Help Control Root Rot?

neem oil for root rot

Does Neem Oil help in controlling of root rot? Neem can be a very effective treatment method for root rot and even prevent it. The application method is important. [DETAILS]

How To Use Hydrogen Peroxide For Root Rot?

Woman mixing hydrogen peroxide with water

There are a lot of wonderful substances in your home medicine cabinet that you would never think are so useful. One of these, hydrogen peroxide (H²O²), is commonly used as a gargle,

Take-All Root Rot on St. Augustine Grass

Question: The St Augustine grass in our yard shows significant dying-out. I don’t see any grub worms; I’ve applied fungicide and fertilizer with no success. A neighbor told me about

What Is Crown Rot And How To Treat It?

Most experienced gardeners are aware of crown rot disease, even if they have never experienced its destructive effect on their plants. The crown rot condition is caused by a fungus