What Causes Hibiscus Root Rot: Cause and Cure

Hibiscus root rot

Root rot in all plants is caused by the fungi, Verticillium and Fusarium oxysporum (Phytophthora genus). It is usually triggered by excessive moisture, so poor drainage or overwatering can cause

What Causes Hibiscus Blight Disease?

Hibiscus Blight

Hibiscus has become one of those major staples in gardens that serve various purposes. They attract pollinators, have beautiful towers that can be used for decoration, tea, or even eaten,

How To Propagate Rose Of Sharon Plants

Rose Of Sharon Propagation

Rose of Sharon (Hibiscus syriacus) is a type of hibiscus often used in landscaping for desired vertical accents. Many homeowners want to know how to propagate Rose of Sharon plants

When To Transplant Rose Of Sharon

Transplanting Rose of Sharon

Rose of Sharon is a large and showy species of the popular garden genus Hibiscus. Plants thrive in various climate zones throughout the United States.  It produces showy red, purple,

How To Grow A Hibiscus Bush

Growing Hibiscus Bush

The Hibiscus bush is a well-known tropical plant with gorgeous trumpet-like flowers. With over 200 species of Hibiscus, the flowers have a range of sizes and colors. Hibiscus plant care

Can You Use Neem Oil On Hibiscus?

Neem oil safe for Hibiscus

Treating pests on Hibiscus trees with Neem is generally safe, some plants may be oversensitive. We look at how to use Neem oil on Hibiscus. Click on this article for tips on using neem sprays and drenches on Hibiscus plants.

Is Hibiscus Poisonous Or Toxic To Dogs?

dog outdoors with Hibiscus plant and flowers

Are Hibiscus plants safe for dogs? The bright, radiant colors of your Hibiscus may attract your dog. They may ingest the plant and most of the time, that should not be a problem. But they may experience nausea… [DETAILS]

How Much Sun Does A Hibiscus Need?

Hibiscus Sun Requirements

Hibiscus trees are light-loving plants. They generally need at least six full sun hours daily to produce the most and best blooms. Even so, the plant can do well in

Controlling Rose Of Sharon Aphids

Hibiscus of plants in mallow family, Malvaceae

The Rose of Sharon bush (Hibiscus syriacus) is a plant in the hibiscus, or mallow, family (Malvaceae). The Hibiscus syriacus has many benefits, which is why it is so important

Rose Of Sharon Fertilizer

Flowers of the Rose of Sharon

Known for its large, pink to purple (sometimes white), trumpet-shaped flowers and long and late season blooming, Rose of Sharon is a hardy deciduous shrub from the Malvaceae or mallow

Thrips On Hibiscus: Spotting And Controlling Thrips

thrip close up feeding on a leaf

Thrips are common pests found in various houseplants, greenhouses, and outdoor gardens. The scientific name is Thysanoptera.  These pests are slender, tiny insects with distinctive asymmetrical mouthparts, and fringed wings. There