Hibiscus Care In Winter: What To Do With Potted Hibiscus In Winter

Hibiscus winter care requires your attention. Keeping a tropical Hibiscus well and thriving throughout winter takes some work.

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You need to:

  • Keep your hibiscus indoors (repotting if necessary)
  • Place it in a well-lit area
  • Keep an eye out for signs of good health.

The following are the best tips for hibiscus care in winter.

What To Do With Potted Hibiscus In Winter

If you live in a climate where temps fall below 50° degrees Fahrenheit regularly, bring your potted hibiscus plants inside. To transfer a hibiscus. Follow these steps.

First, remove no less than a quarter of the new growth. There may be seasonal fallen leaves as the shocked plant goes from out-to indoor. Still, cleanup will be minimal.

If the plant is potted, you’ve simplified everything. After cutting back, take the entire potted Hibiscus plant inside.

If your hibiscus is in the ground, dig it up and immediately pot it. Use a soil mix designed for container plants. Never use garden soil.

It doesn’t drain well and encourages pests in your home.

You might want to give the hibiscus a treatment to keep insects away. Most eco-friendly over the counter sprays will do the trick. Go with the ones formulated with neem oil or insecticidal soap.

More On Hibiscus Pests

This transfer process is not anything to worry about for hardy hibiscus winter care. This plant variety goes dormant in the fall and will produce new growth in the spring and summer.

Seasonal Exceptions For Winter Hibiscus

If you see fewer than ten nights a year of high 20s and nothing colder, your hibiscus is safe outdoors in the winter. Mulch over the main stem and root zone. Apply a thick layer of compost or leaves to prevent freezing at night or wrap the bush in a heavy frost cloth.

Indoor Hibiscus Care

Although relatively hardy, your hibiscus does need appropriate care when indoors.

Light Needs For Hibiscus Plants In Winter

Like all plant life, the thing you always have to consider is light. Your hibiscus needs all the light you can give it. Find a high, well-lit spot, such as a large patio door or sunny window.

If natural light’s limited, buy a plant or shop light. Combine light sources if you can afford them. The more light, the better ecosystem you create!

Water Needs Of Hibiscus During Winter

You’ll find your plant requires much less water indoors. Keep your hibiscus happy and healthy with a top of up to two inches of water.

Watering should happen whenever your mix is dry to the touch.

You may only need to water once a week. The frequency is dependent on factors like:

  • The size of the plant
  • The climate of the home
  • Humidity levels
  • Pot size
  • Potting mix

Draft Protection For Hibiscus In The Winter

Good hibiscus tree winter care includes protection from drafts. Bursts of air (cool or hot) can yellow or brown foliage. Try and keep plants away from vents, radiators, and such.

Winter Flowering

Except in the most ideal light conditions, flowers are unlikely to have nice blooms during cold months. This is nothing to concern yourself with. It’ll be fine when you replant it in March.

Any buds that do come to life may fall off. This is a natural occurrence. Growing indoors can stress your plant, even under the best hibiscus winter care.

You’ll see yellow leaves on hibiscus over the winter. If all leaves fall off but branches remain pliable, the plant has gone full dormant. Keep the plant in a warm, bright light location. Keep an eye on it to make sure it stays dormant.

Does Winter Care Of Hibiscus Involve Fertilizing?

Keeping your hibiscus fertilized is not a concern. Until the spring, your plant will keep.


Among many things, we’ve learned:

  • Hardy hibiscus winter care requires no indoor replanting. (Double-check this with your seller.)
  • Manage the listed steps for transferring your hibiscus from outdoors to indoors to maintain the health of your plant.
  • Keep the plant in a bright, sunny area.
  • Keep your plant watered safely and watch for dormancy.

Potted hibiscus winter care ensures, when spring returns, you’ll have a healthy plant ready for blooming and a beautiful garden.

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