Why Are My Peperomia Leaves Curling

Peperomia Leaves Curling

The Peperomia genus has many wonderful plants prized for their foliage, ranging from a lovely solid shade of green to a striped pattern that looks just like a watermelon. Peperomia

Spider Plant Curly Leaves: Reasons and Remedies

Spider Plant Curly Leaves

Spider plants are beautiful, easy-to-care-for houseplants that are popular for their ability to purify indoor air. These plants stand out for their long, cascading leaves that are variegated with white

What Is The Best Prayer Plant Fertilizer

Prayer Plant Fertilizer

Prayer plants may not have the greatest blooms or a lot of variegation, but the unique design of their leaves has made these plants quite popular. Several plants bear the

Signs Of Underwatered Snake Plant: How To Revive It

Underwatered Snake Plant

Snake plants (Sansevieria) are succulent perennial members of the Asparagaceae family. Their native environment, tropical East Africa, thrives in great heat, low light, and low water settings. For this reason, they

How To Grow And Care For Philodendron Congo Rojo

Showy Congo Rojo

Creating philo cultivars has been quite the rage in recent decades, providing us with many spectacular new breeds. One of these is Philodendron (fil-oh-DEN-dron) ‘Rojo Congo,’ a cross between Philodendron

What Causes Brown Tips On Cast Iron Plants?

Brown Tips on Cast Iron Plant

Cast-iron plants are some of the hardiest houseplants out there, making aloe vera look accident-prone. The term applies to Aspidistra elatior (ass-pi-DIS-truh ee-LAY-tee-or), its cultivars, and a few select cast

Spider Plant Bugs, Pests, and Diseases

spider plant bugs do have a few

For the most part, all Spider plant varieties or airplane plants are impervious to disease and pests. The main causes of problems are overwatering, poor drainage and excessive fertilizer treatment.

Pothos Leaves Turning Yellow

Golden Pothos with yellowing leaves

Pothos plants are incredibly easy house plants to grow and maintain.  These indoor plants with trailing vines and heart-shaped leaves belong to the Araceae family.  The scientific name of the

How To Repot A Spider Plant: Repotting Chlorophytum

Repotting Spider Plant

When it comes to repotting spider plants, the “when” and “if” rely heavily upon what you want out of it, although you should always aim to repot in spring. This article shares tips on repotting Chlorophytum.

Howea Forsteriana Kentia Palm Care Tips

Kentia Palms Beautiful and Tough

Kentia palm care comes with a rich history few indoor houseplants can claim. The upright “Kentia palm Howea Forsteriana” with its beautiful, arching, dark green leaves has graced the background

Janet Craig Dracaena: Low Light Workhorse Houseplant [GUIDE]

three Dracaena janet craig styles cane bush

Dracaena Janet Craig has been popular for decades and an interior workhorse, frequently used as a stand alone floor plant indoors by plantscape professionals or mass planted in beds. It survives low light levels, grows best in filtered light. Click this article for tips on Dracaena Janet Craig care.

Dracaena Compacta Care: Tips On Growing The Dwarf Dracaena

Attractive bushy dark green leaves of Dracaena Janet Craig compacta

Dracaena dermensis compacta [dras-SEE-nuh der-eh-MEN-siss kom-PAK-tuh] belongs to the Agavaceae (agave) family and originates in tropical Africa and Asia. Compacta is a slow-growing sport of Dracaena dermensis ‘Janet Craig.’ I remember

Peace Lily Care: HOW TO Plant Growing Guide

peace lily flowers up close

Peace Lily care questions, we get all kinds of questions on the care of this tropical plant. The plant is known botanically as Spathiphyllum and comes in many sizes, with lots