Why The Majesty Palm Is A BAD House Plant Or Indoor Palm

There are a lot of great indoor houseplants available at your local nursery or garden center, I just do not think the Majesty Palm tree or the “majestic palm tree” is one of them.

Most of them will do well in your house if you learn a little something about their care, water and light requirements.

For example – The Bamboo Palm Beats the Majesty! The Majesty is unable to survive the stress it faces indoors, plus you can discover better “palm” options.


That’s one of the reasons for this site and its goal is to help you learn more about caring for your indoor houseplants, flowers, landscape, rocks, plants, and design.


Sometimes there is a clear theme or question that hits at certain times of the year. Such as “What to do with my Mandevilla for the winter?”

Other times there has been a question about a plant or plants that just keeps coming up. I’ve wanted to write about this for a while but have held off. So here it is…

As I said there are lots of plants that can be used indoors. But… every so often a plant is “introduced” to the market and quite frankly it is a mistake. Even with all the Majestic plant

Even with all the Majestic plant care this plant is a failure. No matter how hard you try, you never seem to get the plant to look good.

So what plant am I talking about?

Ravenea Rivularis Known Also As Ravenea Glauca – “The Majesty Palm”

Majesty palm outdoors in South Florida, Miami-Dade County, in particular, the plant can do very well in the landscape. But it has a few requirements – lots of water, bright light or full sun and feed it heavy.

Any of our thousands of readers following our Plant Care Tips for any length of time will recognize right away that the “Majesty Palm” goes against general indoor plant practices. [source]

The Best Majesty Palm Care Wants LOTS of:

  • Water
  • Light
  • Fertilizer

Some will have success, but from what I’ve seen inside most experience yellowing leaves and fronds. Indoors the plant leaves yellow easily, draws spider mites like a magnet, and its appearance declines very rapidly.

Garlic Spider Mite Home Remedy

Here is a home remedy for spider mites using garlic: Mash two garlic cloves into a quart or liter of water.

Allow the mixture to sit overnight. Strain the solution and spray plants without dilution. Always test a small area before spraying the whole plant.

Some home growers have found spider mites treatments with garlic to be very effective and others have not.

What’s the Majesty palm height and Majesty palm growth rate?

In the nursery, growing in a container under partial shade the palm grows to a height of 4 to 6 foot tall rapidly. Perfect for growers. But has it been tested for durability indoors?

Why would growers introduce plants that don’t do well and why would nurseries or garden centers carry such a plant?

A Few Reasons:

Growers, your local garden center or nursery are always looking for something new to offer. In order to have a plant that can be sold inexpensively, growers need easy to plants that grow fast. Garden centers need plants that fit certain price points.

Unfortunately, garden centers and nurseries are sometimes “stuck” with what the corporate office orders. The problems of the “majesty palm” being a good interior plant is not being laid at the feet of the garden centers and nurseries.

It’s just one that shouldn’t have been grown or sold to the interior market.

Although I’m not going to win any fans and certainly not any praise from growers for this “recommendation” I’ve got to call it as I see it.

So, how to care for a majesty palm?

DON’T BUY a Majesty Palm as an indoor plant unless you are looking for a challenge in plant care.

Now if you want a great indoor palm and plant, here are my recommendations:

The above are great options and there are other house plant that looks like a palm tree you could get.

Every week our mailbox is littered with questions and problems from people experiencing problems with the Majesty Palm.

Don’t think you’re alone, even growers have problems making them look good.

Palms grown indoors can battle spider mites when humidity drops and bouts with mealybug on stems and undersides of leaves.

Remember when buying a big plant that’s cheap like the majesty palm doesn’t mean you’re receiving good value, you may be buying problems.

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