7 Decorative Ways To Display Plants In The Bathroom

Decorating the bathroom with plants can, at times, be a challenge. For most of us, there is not lot of extra space for large plants and decorative planters.

But the extra humidity of a bathroom can be a perfect location to dress things up.

Bathroom Pothos plant displayed in an attractive container near sinkPin

For some ideas on what plants, read our article on the Best Bathroom Plants.

This article will share some ideas and ways to display those plants in your bathroom.

#1 Frame

If you have a small bathroom and an expanse of wall you would like to decorate, indoor ferns, Tillandsia bromeliads, epiphytes, and succulents do well in frames.

You can light your framed plants as you would a work of art with a grow light bulb placed in an attractive lamp above (and perhaps below) the frame.

Video: DIY Vertical Succulent Garden

#2 – Living Wall

On a grander scale, you can cover an entire wall with plants by purchasing a pre-built living wall installation or studying do-it-yourself plans and tutorials to build your own.

Here is a video featuring the Grovert Living Wall Planter, which makes this project very easy to accomplish. The plants used in this video would do well with bright indirect sunlight or ample artificial light.

#3 – Vases

You can accommodate almost any space by placing plants that can thrive in water in attractive vases around your bathroom. Ivy, pothos, and Dracaena sanderiana (lucky bamboo) are examples of plants that can live well in filtered water and pebbles indefinitely.

Use a line of windowsill plants in attractive vases filled with these hardy plants. Tuck a tall thin vase in a narrow corner. Put a small vase of bamboo or ivy beside your bathroom sink. [source]

#4 – Hanging Baskets or Glass Globes

If you have little or no floor or counter space, hanging baskets are perfect for ivy, spider plant, pothos, and other trailing plants.

Bromeliads do very well in special, ventilated glass globes designed just for them.

#5 – Terrarium

Succulents can do well in a traditional terrarium set on your countertop or the back of your toilet. Place a small, attractive lamp with a grow light above the terrarium to provide decorative value and life-giving light. [source]

Video: How to Make A Terrarium

#6 – Decorative Pots & Planters

You can use traditional planters and pots with well-drained soil for most bathroom-friendly plants.

A large planter set in your “money corner” or a perfectly sized planter for the back of your toilet can make a very attractive addition to your bathroom. Bromeliad gardens or a Moth orchid are perfect!

flowers of the Moth orchid - PhalaenopsisPin

Outfit it with a grow light in a decorative fixture for even more appeal. Line small potted plants along a windowsill or the side of your tub.

#7 – Under The Sink

If you have a sink on a pedestal or simply attached to the wall with no cabinet, you have a perfect place to keep tall, upright plants such as snake plants.

More on Sansevieria plant care. Place them artfully below your sink to camouflage pipes and add a touch of living beauty.

A bathroom setting that receives indirect natural light from a window would be ideal for this treatment.

You could also set a standing lamp equipped with a grow light beside your sink to provide your under-sink plants with indirect light and yourself with natural light for shaving or applying makeup.

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