Brighten Your Home All Year: Create a Vibrant Bromeliad Garden Indoors!

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A bromeliad garden creates a BLAST of color!

Whether you own a small apartment and have a few plants around, or you have a gigantic house with a large array of plants, you probably want to keep the plants healthy and vibrant with color.

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Creating your own bromeliad garden is very simple, easy, fast and an affordable solution for keeping your plants healthy and vibrant year-round long! Read on for more…

We all like to have color indoors. It may be at Christmas with potted poinsettia plants or at others times of the year with some cut flowers arranged in a simple vase.

The problem is – cut flowers usually only last for a week to 10 days. A potted plant like the poinsettia or an orchid a little longer – a month or two… the blooms on a Phalaenopsis orchid plant last about 4 months for me.

How can you add some color that will last for months and months? It is not that difficult to create a BIG COLORFUL IMPACT with a potted garden full of bromeliad plants.

Create Your Own Bromeliad Garden

Creating your own Bromeliad Garden is really pretty easy… so let’s get started.

First, look for some attractive, decorative pottery or planters, it can be made out of plastic, clay, ceramic or even a basket.

You can use a variety of pots sizes for your garden. For example, an 8-inch planter can hold three 4 inch pots. A 12-15 inch planter can hold three 6 inch pots very comfortably.

Next, go visit your local garden center (Home Depot, Lowe’s, etc) and pick out 3 Bromeliad plants to make the perfect combo for your room.

A flowering Guzmania plant offers lots of color options. For a sunny patio area, a collection of colorful Neoregelia varieties can really make a POP of color.

Bring the plants back and arrange all 3 into your decorative planter. If the planter is to deep you may need to raise the plants up with some Styrofoam.

You’re not planting the plants in any kind of soil. The planter serves as a cachepot or double pot.

Care for each plant individually. Cryptanthus Earth Star Bromeliad makes an interesting garden as well.

Most Bromeliads will carry good color for 3-6 months depending on the variety. If one starts to fade out you can just pull that pot out and replace it with a new one and… you’ve got a new look.

Pretty simple. Go ahead. Get creative and have color all year.

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