How To Grow And Care For Rio Dipladenia

Growing Rio Dipladenia

Rio Dipladenia is also called Rio Mandevilla. It is commonly referred to as Brazilian Jasmine as a nod to its heritage. However, this plant also grows wild in South and

Mandevilla Deer Resistant

mandevilla deer resistant plant

So you want to know – Is Mandevilla deer resistant? If you’re new to gardening, you may have heard that certain plants are deer-resistant. But what does that mean? And

Is The White Mandevilla Really A Dipladenia?

white mandevilla plant

One of the many beautiful options for your garden is a happy climber by the name of white Mandevilla (Mandevilla boliviensis). This perennial from Bolivia has evergreen oval leaves (it

Do All Mandevillas Climb? Mine Does Not

Climbing Mandevilla

The Mandevilla is a common vining flowering plant that grows best in USDA plant hardiness zones 9 through 11. This stunning perennial plant comes in different sizes, colors, and vining

Are Mandevilla Poisonous To Dogs?

Mandevilla Plant

Are Mandevilla plants poisonous to dogs? There is a lot of confusing information about whether Mandevilla plants are poisonous to dogs. Unfortunately, there isn’t a clear answer. Mandevilla plants belong

How To Get Rid Of Aphids On Mandevilla Vines?

Colony of Aphids with ants farming for honeydew

Mandevilla Vines are popular patio and outdoor plants with their colorful flowers. Mandevilla is a native tropical plant and does well in warm environments. If you grow Mandevilla vines indoors,

Why Are My Mandevilla Leaves Turning Yellow?

Pink blooms of the Mandevilla

Abnormal yellowing of leaves (chlorosis) is a problem common to all sorts of plants, including the Mandevilla plant. When leaves turn yellow it is because they are lacking in pigment

Dipladenia Plant Care: How to Grow The Other Red Mandevilla

Red star shaped Dipladenia (Mandevilla) flower

Dipladenia (dy-pla-DEE-nee-uh) the rocktrumpet or Brazilian jasmine is an older classification for plants now commonly falling under the genus Mandevilla. The difference between Dipladenia and Mandevilla vine is in their growth habit. The

Tips For Successful Mandevilla Winter Care

Mandevilla flower have you tried overwintering your rocktrumpet

You love the display of flowers your ‘rock trumpet’ aka Mandevilla plant produces in the spring and summer. But, what is the deal on caring for Mandevilla in winter? How

Is Mandevilla Plant Poisonous or Toxic?

Attractive mandevilla plant flowers

One of the popular members of the dogbane family, Apocynaceae, is the Mandevilla plant (Mandevilla spp.), tropical perennials with exotic and colorful flowers.  With over 100 species, this gorgeous climbing vine