Garden Stepping Stones: 30 Beautiful Ways To Decorate Your Garden

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Many of us love to spend time outside tending to our gardens. We enjoy not only the garden but the plants that attract butterflies, hummingbirds and those special added touches like personalized garden stepping stones.

Rather than get your shoes dirty or accidentally step on a precious flower bed, creating stepping stones through your garden is an excellent DIY stepping stones project to make your garden unique!

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A curated collection of 30 DIY garden stepping stones!

Scouring the web, we put together this collection of thirty different stepping stone path projects you can try out, everything from mosaic stepping stone patterns, round and different, to simply laying cheap garden stepping stones arranged in an interesting pattern. This post has a slew of stepping-stone ideas to work for any garden. Enjoy!

Attractive Mosaic Stepping Stones

These decorative stepping stones, decorated with rocks in intricate stepping stone designs, enhance the garden path against the dark green leaves of the hosta plants. It shows how paying attention to the little things can create an impact in the garden.

source: pinterest

Circular stepping stones with more circles of purple stones decorating the center. This makes you feel like royalty as the purple embellishes your garden with layers of circles.

This stepping stone is made up of other smaller stones coming together in a spiral formation. This gives the stepping stones on your pathway a little visual interest to keep your garden fresh.


Garden edgings are a popular way to accent a garden or even provide a walkway through a garden.  Making garden stepping stones just like these brings interest and variety in the colors used.  Throughout the season, the stones used will match different blooms.

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Far from being just a simple way to get from here to there without stepping in mud or plants, stepping stones are a great way to bring some color and creativity into your garden.  These mosaic tiles are made by pouring cement mix into a mold and arranging pieces of glass tiles on top.

This singular stepping stone might seem underwhelming, but with the embellishment of the decoration, the attractiveness of the stepping stone is highly elevated highly, making the garden stepping stone pop.

source: fiskars

This stepping stone made of many little green rocks forms a neat little picture of a bare tree in the middle of nowhere, adding a little spice to your garden.

Round Stepping Stones

Want to add something special to your garden? Try embossed garden stepping stones. These decorative garden stepping stones add a natural touch to your outdoor oasis.

This round stepping stone looks very chaotic, being made from random shards of dish china. But there’s a story behind it! This is certainly to catch the attention of any person and be a central talking point of any garden party.

source: craftcorners

A garden stepping stone heavily decorated between all the fall leaves contains a picture of a house in the middle of the woods to give people a sense of serenity and isolation.

A pale yellow and brown starfish with five appendages sits atop a circular white and brown stone, nice touch for a nautical theme.

This decorative stepping stone is made up of a little hummingbird eating nectar from a flower. This excites anyone that sees the intricate design and adds variety to your garden.

source: midwestliving

These stepping stones will bring out the bluest of blues in any garden blooms.  The colors are bright, and the pattern provides an element of whimsy and a note of carelessness for a relaxing garden.

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This custom-engraved stepping stone could be anything like your child or someone else special. This is great for any guests that are coming to make them feel extra special.

Made With Molds For Concrete Stepping Stones

These homemade stones of irregular shape made with a mold repeated over and over bring a bit of chaos to your garden while still preserving order.

source: home depot

Add a beautiful stone accent to an outdoor walkway.

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Ideas On How To Lay Stepping Stones Out

source: twitter

These concrete stepping stones are arranged neatly in a square-like lattice separated by rocks to bring order and unity to “relax” your garden.

A beautiful long trail of large flagstones with stones of different shapes and sizes filled in and surrounded by healthy green plants. Making this a beautiful walk in the garden for any home.

source: diyadvice

These stepping stones the middle of the path being laid out in the center of a lawn or yard. Irregular in shape but all of the uniform orange color. They lay a path to a certain place in the garden to give guidance.

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Photo Credit: Instagram @gardengear

The geometric stepping stones shown here are neatly organized into a pattern giving you a sense of modern life.

These stepping stones are like stones in a pond where you feel the need just to walk on them; otherwise, you’ll fall in the water. There is also a “bridge” in the middle between the stones to make you feel safe.

source: pinterest

Buy some simple dollar stepping stones and arrange them in an interesting pattern!

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Hosta and Rhubarb Leaf Stepping Stones

These stepping stones have an engraving of several leaf varieties. The engraving makes you feel like you found a fossil or you’re back in the Jurassic period.

These stepping stones are large, well, detailed rhubarb leaves, each with unique patterns, set in a sea of small pebbles. They bring to mind the image of lily pads in the pond but with a more earthy feel.

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source: craftbyphoto

A circular stepping stone mold is placed on top of a rhubarb leaf. The veins of the leaf imprinted on the mold leave imprints for a great garden stepping stone decoration.

Unique Garden Stepping Stones Ideas

This design – using natural stones of varying sizes to create “feet” – is becoming more common and is a very charming and eye-catching way of letting people know this home is family-friendly.

source: instructables

Beautiful pastel stepping stones with a geometric design perfect for that pathway to your secret garden setting. The pattern is white with subtle browns that enhance the pattern.

These stenciled garden stepping stones are isolated, with about a foot of grass between them. This can be turned into a little game to entertain your kids for a while. Like making the “squared” stones the dangerous ones or the target ones.

source: hometalk

These heart-shaped stepping stones are made to look like a brick wall in the shape of a heart. This symbolizes the eternity of love that will last.

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Photo Credit: Instagram @shattered.images

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source: benjamin moore

These minimal stepping stones stand out with their Autumn leaves, making you feel like it’s Autumn all year. This also adds visual interest to the minimalist landscaping designs of the garden.

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Photo Credit: Instagram @formativefox

These irregular shaped stepping stones have crude decoration yet brings a very lively bit of fun to any garden.

This video will show you how to make your own garden stepping stones!

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