How To Use Landscape Rocks And Stones In The Garden

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Thinking of a little garden decorating? Maybe a little sprucing up of your garden with landscape rocks and stones but worrying about the price tag? Landscaping rock ideas should not hurt!

Well, a perfect solution may be, a welcomed addition to any home garden filled with plants; landscaping with rocks and stones, pea gravel, or even landscape boulders!

Rocks and stones are natural and can be a great fit into just about any garden. Nature creates large stones, large rocks, natural stones, lava rocks, river rocks, medium sized rocks, large boulders, flagstone and tiny pebbles or Mexican beach pebbles.

They also come in all kinds of shapes and colors and even fake rocks. They present the opportunity to allow your creativity run wild with so many possibilities on how to utilize them.

Rocks and stones are so versatile they can give off a highly stylized feel or the most simple of themes. Rocks and stones can be used as garden paths, with outdoor furniture, flower beds or garden walls.

Organic materials should always be a gardener’s first choice.

You can buy rocks and stones at your local gardening store or even rock supplier for relatively low cost, but where is the fun in that?

If you’re willing to spend your days renovating your garden, I’m sure you can find it in you to go on a rock collecting mission!

Get your significant other, your gardening friends, your kids or your grandkids and make a day out of it. Together, add a massive curb appeal to your property. Rocks and boulders injects a great focal point when done right, can impress all your guests and envied by your neighbors.

Of course, before you go on your rock hunt there’s one very important thing you need: inspiration.

To help you decide on how you are going to add these rocks and stones to your garden, we’ve put together some of our favorite landscaping ideas for you to take a look at. Read on to learn more about many rock landscaping ideas.

Landscape Rock Ideas And Stone Wired Fence

These fences look very complex but are simply executed using only rocks and steel wire. The steel wire is used to wrap the rocks in whatever style you would prefer.

It can be wrapped and spiraled in many designs. You can use these “Stone Fences” called a gabion as pathway barriers, garden bed walls, retaining walls, or just to add a touch of style to your garden.

Rock Pile Water Fountain

Most of us go to our garden to escape from the world, it’s our own little safe place.

Well what could be a more peaceful addition to your garden than your own trickling water fountain.

These water features may take a little bit more time than the other landscaping design ideas but it is still relatively cheap. Relaxation isn’t always possible but it gets easier with your own personal rock garden fountain!

Rock and Stone Spiral Mosaic

Image source:

Don’t be intimidated by how difficult this sounds to make because it’s really not. You don’t need any power tools or specific skills.

Just the right supplies and a little tutorial will go a long way.

Before you actually get started on making your mosaic stepping stones you may want to plan it out and even draw it on a piece of paper.

This will help you keep the landscape design in your mind and not waste any materials.

A pathway in a garden is second nature but a stone spiral mosaic will leave your garden guests shocked at the pure beauty of it.

Stone and Rock Wired Furniture

Image source:

As we mentioned earlier, steel wire can be used to incase rocks and stones for fences and barriers. This practice can also be easily used to create outdoor furniture such as tables and chairs.

The base of the furniture is made from rocks or stones that are set in place with wire. It can be wrapped and shaped into many designs but ultimately you are left with a very solid base for your furniture.

The table top can go either way on this landscape project. You could use a giant slab of concrete or stone as a table top to finish it off or an old scrap piece of wood is also acceptable.

The chairs of course need to have cushions tied onto them. Who knew rock furniture and other rock garden ideas could be so comfortable?

Need more Rock & Stone Garden Decorating Ideas Here

Here’s a couple easy and kid friendly DIY Stone Decor Ideas

Stepping Stone Pathway

Usually a pathway is the first thought that comes to mind when mentioning rocks and stones in a garden. These pathways can come in all directions and designs, from a simple footpath to a sophisticated intertwined layout.

One thing that all paths have in common is that they can add a beautiful element to any home garden.

For this DIY, you will need:

  • Package of quick drying cement
  • A mold of your choice or cereal boxes
  • Decorations (bottle caps, sea shells, old toys)
  • Kiddie size helpers (optional)

Step 1: Mix quick dry cement in mold. (preferably outside)
Step 2: Smooth out the top of the cement with a ruler so that it’s flat and even. This will be a walking stone remember!
Step 3: Decorate the cement with handprints, shoe prints, old toys or sea shells before the cement dries.
Step 4: Leave cement to set. When finished remove from mold and place in garden.
Step 5: Dance up and down your new stepping stone path.

Bumble Bee vs. Ladybug (TIC,TAC, TOE)

This is a super cheap idea to incorporate some fun and games into your impartially landscaped garden, backyard or lawn using plain old rocks.


Step 1: Find ten medium sized rocks all roughly the same size.
Step 2: Paint five of those rocks with a ladybug pattern and the other five with a bumble bee pattern.
Step 3: Use soil or an old table top as the gaming board, now nobody will ever think your garden is boring again!

These beautiful rocks and stones that we are given for free can be a vital addition to any home garden. Mix and match sizes and colours to give your garden that eye-catching design.

The benefits to using rocks and stones in your garden are endless. We’ve already mentioned a couple benefits but in case you missed them here’s a quick run down of our Pros and Cons.


  • Versatile
  • Cheap
  • Durable
  • Organic and Natural
  • Can be found most anywhere

Cons: If not properly watched or cared for, insects tend to gather under rocks

Stacked Stones Nature’s Art You Can Follow


Have you ever seen stacked stones used in decorative rock landscaping? In nature, you can find them stacked naturally… we find them all over the southwest.

This natural occurrence even has an unusual name called a – hoodoo.

Merriam-Webster defines a hoodoo as “a natural column of rock in western North America often in fantastic form”

Over at they share images of these stacked stones used in the landscaping project. These images provide some interesting looks but more than anything else, it’s the landscaping design ideas they help generate.

Depending on your location, the type of stone available may “determine” what “stacked stone” design you may be able to make.

I do like the rock mushrooms which could make unique addition to the garden. I use to live in south Florida and visiting the Coral Castle. Amazing things done with stone like a 9 ton door balanced so well you can open it with your finger!

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