How To Make Fake Landscape Rocks and Boulders

Landscaping is great.. when you see what a professional can bring to the landscape… it’s even better.

However, not everyone can afford, to spend thousands on a professional landscaper for your yard?

Rocks and boulders can add so much to a garden design. The trouble is… those boulders are heavy and hard to move!

The folks at have been able to help you solve that problem by showing you how to create fake landscape rocks that can be used as lawn decoration.

All the materials such as concrete sealer, mold, texture mix, and hollow plastic shape form you need to make your fake rock can easily be found at your local home improvement store and the rocks can be completely hardened and ready to place within two to four days. Details on how to make fake rocks (faux boulders) via ehow.

Provide some water and follow this videos process for construction on your future boulder.

Just make sure you have a little patience after the build because it will take some time to dry.