7 Concrete Projects To Transform Your Garden

Concrete garden projects is not only durable but offer lots of options. Finishing a garden bed usings precast concrete molds to create an edging, of course all the things done with concrete blocks and much more.

We visited a bunch of sites for things you can make for the garden with concrete and picked 7 projects (really more) for you to check out for ideas.


DIY Concrete Projects Garden Ornaments

Ready to create your outdoor paradise? Wouldn’t you love to enjoy garden statues, stepping stones, garden globes, and planters filled lush greenery over in your own backyard?

Garden Spheres


Imagine sipping coffee on the patio each morning as you casually gaze at elegant garden sculptures and other enchanting garden decor. What a way to start your day!

Build a beautiful, calm garden oasis with concrete. See all the elements of the oasis cast in concrete mix using different forms. You can enhance your outdoor garden with concrete statuary and a variation of DIY concrete garden ornaments. While concrete does make pieces heavier, it’s also very durable, which makes it perfect for outdoor use.

You can easily mix and use cement. Also, there are numerous ready-mix concrete brands available. Just follow the manufacturer’s directions.

For the elements in the oasis, you need to mix a little bit soupier than normal because they give the final pieces an extra smooth finish.

Almost anything can be used as a form. Try a tub, a bucket, or something unexpected like a cone. You will need to sacrifice the form in the unmolding process.

This ball makes a perfect example. The form is just a globe for a light fixture that you poured concrete into. When it becomes dry, carefully wrap it in plastic and then gently tap the globe with a hammer to break the glass. It will fall right into the plastic for a safe and simple cleanup.

So, give concrete a try and come up with your own oasis. For more inspiration, go to LowesCreativeIdeas.com.



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Outdoor Style Creative Ways With Classic Concrete

When you think of concrete you may not immediately think of creativity.

However, concrete can fit so many different uses for your outdoor spaces and it can be attractive too since it can take various forms, colors and textures.

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June Scott over at Houzz.com explains some of the creative ways to use classic concrete. She shares that, it’s “versatile, strong and readily available, concrete is one of the most widely used outdoor materials.”

Decorative Path


But admits, “Though it’s sometimes thought of as cold or even dull, its design potential for paths, patios, retaining walls and other features is almost limitless. It can be cast in nearly any form or shape and offers tremendous flexibility in terms of color and texture.”

Cobble Stone Path


The cost of concrete projects are a lot cheaper than those created from alternatives such as stone or tile. Check out this post via houzz for some inspiration.

Classic Concrete Creative Ways And New Design Options

Concrete is ubiquitous in our communities and most people don’t give it much thought. We generally see it as being plain, dull, and urban.

Concrete doesn’t have to be quite so boring and plain at your home. It’s possible to give concrete a more inviting and aesthetically pleasing appearance.

From changing the texture to livening up with color, there are a number of ways to put some excitement into the concrete at your home. There are…

  • Limitations
  • Design Options
  • Textures
  • Color
  • Refurbishing Existing Concrete
  • Recycled Concrete

Many options to consider… It will go a long way in personalizing your outdoor space. Check out the ideabooks via houzz.com for complete details:

Ever wondered how to do stamped concrete? Watch!

How To Easily Make Concrete Bowls, Planters and Leaf Castings

Making your own planters and concrete bowls is not difficult. All you need is some basic ingredients, time and a little instruction.

Garden Planters & Stepping Stones


To show you some of the design possibilities of what kind of looks you can achieve with concrete planters and give terra cotta a run for their money we put together a Pinterest board.

A Cool Twist On The DIY Concrete Planter


If you enjoy planting and taking on new do-it-yourself projects then you’ve come to an interesting post.

Learn how to make a lovely concrete planter with a little skill and know how. Believe it or not, all you really need is some concrete mix, a bucket, and a old towel. If you follow these simple instructions… in 24 to 48 hours you will have your own concrete planter to show off to your friends.

This tutorial from Instructables.com walks you through the steps of easily making your own concrete planters.

Plants in the home add a special look and welcoming feel to the indoors. There are many plants which can be used to dress up an indoor space.

One type of plants are succulents. However, besides plants the container and planter can play an important role in the overall look. But, decorative planters can break a budget!

Don’t let the idea of making your own planters from concrete scare you. It is a very easy product to work with some beautiful results.

This “How To” post from Instructables takes you by the hand, showing the steps to make your own adorable concrete planters.

This post gives great step by step instruction on making your own concrete planters. The steps are short and very simple to follow, along with materials you will need for the project. You’ll see what and how to do it, and the tips at the end definitely help with any questions.


Concrete leaf casting is a great way to create your own piece of art with relatively little effort and cost. Most leaves that are created are not reinforced with chicken wire as they are smaller.

The types of leaves used are hostas, pokeweed, grape leaves, caladium leaves, and smaller elephant ears.

You may choose any way to color their concrete leaves from pre-dying them to painting them with Pearl Ex Pigments after they begin to harden. With easy to follow videos to a check list tools you will need here.

Another option you can consider is creating hypertufa troughs and pots. Read our post on Hypertufa pots here.

Making Hypertufa Lightweight Concrete Pots


Watch this video to see how they create a concrete planter.

They Placed A Slab Of Concrete In Their Living Room – The Result WOW!

When concrete comes to mind, using it for your home furnishings is probably not one of the first things you think of.

However, in a post over at imgur.com, snickers0129 did just that.

Through a little ingenuity and a whole lot of creation, this homeowner created his very own DIY concrete centerpiece table for the living room. This could also be done of a great table on a covered patio area.

After forming simple molds and filling them with concrete, this owner took it to the next step. He polished and gave the concrete a satin finish.

The end result is a gorgeous centerpiece for a modern home. Great images of how it was all put together.

Watch this video to see how it’s done:


How To Make A Concrete Table Top For Your Patio Table


Do you have a patio table with cracked glass? You’d hate to throw it away but there’s no way you’ll find affordable replacement glass to fit your table.

This post will show you step by step how to create a beautiful concrete patio table top. It’s both durable and great looking.

Just be sure you have a strong patio base as concrete table tops although stable are also heavy. If you have the patience you will be dining outside in no time at all!

You can also try creating a bench made of concrete!

Concrete Bench


This article from home depot reveals the steps in creating a concrete table top for your patio table.

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