17 Garden Path Ideas: Great Ways To Create A Garden Walkway

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Want to spice up your garden? Make it interesting and creative. Adding a beautiful garden path is one way to make it happen; a fountain or pond is another.

Pathways in the garden connect and tie the landscape together. You don’t need a pro for the ideas or the installation or feel pressured to impress anyone.

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You can use brick, which helps add character and visual interest to your garden. Wood, tiles, stone, or mosaic create a special magical feel. It is up to your creative design.

Learn low-maintenance, and inexpensive ways to create the garden path of your dreams.

Backyard walkways can transform your yard into a beautiful and functional oasis, connecting the different areas of your outdoor space and providing a pathway to enjoy fresh air and relaxation. 

Whether you wish to enhance and transform your yard landscaping setup or simply just make your plants more accessible.

These 17 smart DIY garden path ideas using a variety of materials help you effectively balance aesthetics and functionality and visualize your new garden walk. Read on to see more garden walkway ideas.

DIY Project for Garden Pathways Ideas – Clean, Rustic, Inspired, Large Stones and Small

Source: omahsolution.com

More DIY garden paths or walk path ideas:

A very modern garden path made with large what appears to be concrete “stones” mixed with different colored stones between and along each slab. A modern feel and up-to-date, yet also in touch with nature.

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Photo Credit: Instagram @koremanlandscape

This yard makes the most of its small space with a stone patio for a fire pit and a walkway to match. Continue to 3 of 45 below. 

If you’re looking for something more simple that can be done on the weekend, gravel paths with pea gravel, stone, and freestanding patio pavers dug into the grass also make lovely options. 

An easy garden path idea is to fill in the cracks of the steps with stones to bring a lot of appeal to your garden. The moss creeping into the walkway is a nice touch.

The stacked stone along this garden path looks like a continuation of the walkway. It pulls the small stone retaining wall and path together seamlessly. It all creates a very aesthetically-pleasing view for the eye.

A well-designed walkway — whether a gravel walkway, flagstone walkway, wooden walkway, or walkway made with natural stone, concrete slabs, or wood planks — starts with a plan. 

This simple garden path idea uses old wood to create the walkway. Soil and mulch surround the path leading you to a grassy area providing a sense of direction.

Source: buzger

The spiral patterns in this walkway make it a one-of-a-kind eye-catcher. It takes a lot of work, but as you can see, it clearly pays off.


The moss between the garden stones creates a very natural feel, as though it’s been growing that way for decades. The fountain ties everything together beautifully.


A garden path “assembled” with very large stones requires heavy equipment to install. The stone walkway designs surrounded by beautiful, interesting vegetation will make you want to stop on your way to the front door. A path in a vegetable garden makes you feel like you’re home already. Lots of curb appeal!

Here’s what MidWest has to share about…

Dry-laid pavers, which are good for Heavy Use

  • Pros Look formal or natural; a good choice for heavy use.
  • Cons More expensive than some options; placing pavers on bare soil can cause problems such as poor drainage.
  • Tip Construct a solid, well-drained, level base from sand or gravel. Surround your concrete pavers with a formal edge to keep them from shifting.

Nice simple, clean-looking garden walkways and paths with white squares surrounded by dark gray rocks. It fits in a narrow space perfectly between two buildings. One side with short plantings, the other with taller bamboo.

This is a very creative use of brick as a walkway. It’s inviting yet casual and brings a lot of color to an otherwise normal garden.

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Source: adobe

Brick walkway ideas can materialize in casual or formal styles. Much like investing in brick for your home’s exterior, a brick walkway adds value to your property. Brick pavers are extremely durable and low-maintenance, but they can be expensive.

Another of these garden path ideas mixes a beautiful color scheme but transitions with textures in the bluestone and rock surrounding and very minimal plantings. The path makes you feel as if you’re in nature but not totally abandoned.


Landscaping pathways ideas:

An inviting forestlike landscape design surrounds you in greens and browns, accented by flagstone steps that form a striking path and stepping stones down a shallow slope. 

The dark green cast iron Aspidistra elatior planted along the walkway edge adds richness to the area.

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Source: adobe

The pathway is kept simple to help ground the space while not taking away from the charm of the rest of the backyard.

Some more walking path ideas:

This shows off how to have an aesthetically pleasing garden bed. The natural walkway is a perfect accent that makes it feel like you’re really walking through a forest. The crushed rock provides a “crunch” with each step!

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Source: adobe

 If you have a lush side garden, you’ll want to place a pathway that leads from the front yard to the backyard. Flagstone stepping stones are a great option because you can easily place them in the pattern your garden grows. 

If you have some pallets lying around, or an old bookcase you can disassemble, then you have got yourself a free DIY walkway. 

Dig holes in the lawn the same shape as the wooden planks, and tuck them in. This walkway has opted for a bright rainbow effect by painting its planks in different striking colors, but you could choose a color theme that matches your garden decor or use any leftover paint you have taking up space in the garage. 

This is about as close to a completely natural walkway as you can get. Adding the wood slats to the mulch ensures that you always have the proper footing on your walk through the garden. The garden lighting adds a safety factor for evening walks.

The garden path shows how you can bring your own style to the path. This isn’t just an ordinary garden path but a replica of piano keys.

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Source: adobe

A very minimal garden path made with pavers that look like wood. Surrounding the path are smaller rocks and garden edging. This path makes you feel serenity and balance in all things.

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Photo Credit: Instagram @greenwoodlandscapes

A mosaic pebble walkway will impress anyone who walks on it, and while pebbles are reasonably priced, a skilled artisan must put this path in.

The circle pattern made by the stones adds a great way to spice up an otherwise traditional walkway. A perfect way to interrupt the eyes as you walk through the garden.

This kind of walkway requires a professional installation. But here’s how you can build your own stone stairway using flat flagstones for the treads and solid blocks of stone, called wall stone, for the risers.

A great way to implement stairs for elevation while still having a natural stone walkway. The large rocks on either side create a definite placement of the stairs.

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Photo Credit: Instagram @lynnemarcusgardens

Whether it’s a manicured front lawn, stone-paved pathway, or intricate landscape design, landscapes benefit from the same attention to detail as your home’s interior. 

If you already have a concrete walkway that’s in decent shape but feels a little boring, consider giving it a makeover with painted stencils. Whether you want to elicit whimsy or bring a bold graphic to the space, you can accomplish it with minimal time, effort, and money.


Concrete paths entwine at the front entrance of this sleek and modern home. Their curvaceous shape takes the edge off the home’s hard angles and fosters a more inviting atmosphere.  

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Source: adobe

A garden lined along a red stone cobble path that leads to an entrance to the exit of the path. It says to the visitor… this garden is old, and you’ll find special, personal plantings.

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