How To Easily Make An Outdoor Fountain

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Would an outdoor fountain at the entrance to your front door become a focal point to liven things up? Can you hear the soothing sound of water trickling over rocks to greet guest as they arrive.

Water fountains do not need to be expensive or complicated. We’ll show you how to easily build your own outdoor water features like a pondless waterfall fountain!

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This Tutorial Shows How To Make An Outdoor Fountain

How To Make An Outdoor Fountain

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Photo Credit: Instagram @moonlit.starbright

For starters this will be a recirculating outdoor water fountain. For this project you’ll need:


  • 5 gallon bucket (instead of a pond liner)
  • Large pot slightly taller and wider the the 5 gallon bucket
  • Large piece of sheet metal (from the hardware store)
  • Water pumps
  • Tubing which fits the pump
  • Black rust-oleum paint
  • Small rocks and large rocks
  • Distil water connection for a drinking fountain


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Photo Credit: Instagram @pushproductsllc
  • Metal-cutting shears
  • Drill with an 1/8th – inch drill bit

Find The Center Of The Pot


You’ll need to measure to get the center of the pot. Measure the diameter of your pot. Divide the diameter measurement in 1/2.  This will be the center of a circle.

Cutting The Sheet Metal

This section is explained much better in the video

Take a piece of string or thin wire what is 1/2 the diameter of the pot. Anchoring one end as the center use a sharpie or something similar to draw a complete circle on the sheet metal.


Cut the circle out with the shears.

Next, cut a straight line out from the center. Now roughly a 1 to 1-1/2 inch hole in the center.

Squeeze  the stainless steel metal circle together making basically a “shallow funnel.” Next clamp together and secure the ends with self tapping screws or drill holes and wire them together.


Paint the funnel with the black rustoleum paint.

If making the funnel seems to difficult, do a google search for kids saucer sled” to find something similar.

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Photo Credit: Instagram @smartpond

Installing The Fountain Pump

The long piece of plastic tubing is attached to the submersible pump and the pump is placed in the bucket.  The funnel sits on top of the bucket with pipe sticking out of the center.


The power cord can drape it over the side of the pot.

Cut the pipe off about 3 inches above the top of the funnel. Place a river rock large enough to keep little ones from falling inside.


Next place the rest of the rocks.


Finally, take the larger rocks and place them around the outside of the pot.


Watch the full project start to finish…

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Photo Credit: Instagram @beamsnme_gardens_and_nature

To make things even more beautiful, you can add more garden fountain features to it. If you place it somewhere near the patio or at the end of a pathway, consider adding some stones around it. Don’t forget to add lights for a breath-taking view of your garden fountain at night.

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Photo Credit: Instagram @caybee87

You can also do the same steps for a drinking water fountain. Just make sure you connect it to an underground pipe that hosts a clean source of water. It’s time to invite some guest and show them your fountain!

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Photo Credit: Instagram @lmw_cmp

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