A Pondless Water Feature… Is It Right For Your Garden?

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A pondless water feature is a type of fountain also known as disappearing fountains because the water reservoir is actually hidden underground.

There is nothing quite as calming and tranquil like the sound of water in a garden. A disappearing water feature can become a focal point and an eye-catching landscape feature.

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They can also serve as a tranquil and cool backdrop to help block neighborhood noise or unwanted traffic. It can be a great do-it-yourself feature, which is easy to build and there is really little need to hire professionals to construct one for you.

Popular styles are:

  • Millstones
  • Naturalistic Disappearing Waterfall
  • Granite columns

The most economical reason to have a disappearing fountain versus a traditional one is that they require very little maintenance because debris cannot enter the fountain.

What Is A Pondless Water Feature?

The term “water feature” can have different meanings to different people. However, if you want a striking, low-maintenance option unlike a koi pond, that is customized to your style and landscape, consider installing a pondless water feature.

A pondless waterfall or disappearing water feature using a recirculating pump, water reservoir, a type of rock that water flows out of.

The water falls or bubbles down through the rock base over the pond reservoir and disappears. Where it is recycled.

They help to eliminate the open water garden that calls for regular maintenance due to the prevalent of algae.  With a recirculating pump, stagnant water is not an issue.

However, a pondless water fountain is child-safe and use less water than traditional fountains.

Before constructing any type of water feature, it’s important first to decide where to place it.

Even before you go shopping for materials, you need to evaluate the location where you would like to put a water feature and determine the basic requirements for installing one.

Where Should You Place A Pondless Fountain?

Place The Fountain In An Area With Lots Of Sunlight

Most water features look best well in full sunlight and bloom with enthusiasm as a result. It should receive six or more hours every day. Any place that can host a water feature can accommodate a vegetable garden or sunny flower bed.

It’s nice to enjoy the water when you’re working close!

Grab Attention By Placing Fountains In Open Areas

Water features are meant to attract attention and should be in an open place where everyone entering to the front door or visiting the garden can enjoy and see it. There should be ample space to “show it off” as they make great conversation pieces.

I especially, like to see a disappearing waterfall or feature set atop a nice bed of rocks and gravel.

Choose A Level Location

Water responds to gravity and therefore if you want a spillovers or runoff the land needs to be relatively slanted. However, you can always make minor adjustments during installation to ensure that the water flows well.

For example, on uneven land a leveled wood frame can hold rock and gravel to catch the splashing water.

Keep The Water Feature “Size” Appropriate

Even if you’ve room for a large water garden, big does not always mean better! Going too big can overshadow surrounding items. Flowers or garden best supplement a water feature.

A small pondless fountain surrounded by flowers can create a stunning look and focal point.

Keep Water Features Away From…

Before you dig… check with your local utilities to locate where the power lines, fiber optic cables, gas lines, pipes, phone lines, and other such things are located.

Also, place the pump near your power outlets to cut some cost.

Large Vegetation – Shrubs and trees shed twigs, leaves, petals, and fruits from above. Avoid installing your pondless water feature too close or under the shrubs and trees.

Use A Pondless Fountain To…

Create A Focal Point – A water feature can become the main point of attraction and act as the striking feature when entering the garden. It can also be used to distract people from other unattractive features in the backyard.

Introduce Tranquil Effect – The sound of water can be used to add a relaxing element to a garden. The bubbling effect helps the mind to relax.

Birdbath – Water features can serve as birdbaths, and attract birds to the garden along with attractive flowers.

Our Favorite 3 Pondless Water Fountain Tutorials

This tutorial walks you through the steps to build your own outdoor disappearing fountain complete with the materials needed in video.

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