20 Ways To Use Pansies & Violas in Containers


Pansies provide winter color on those cold days. Cooler days mean it is pansy planting time. Do it before the ground gets cold to give roots enough time to “catch.” It is wise to prepare the pansy bed before the plants arrive so there will be no delay in setting them out.

Pansies provide lots of color, they like plenty of sun except in the hottest part of the day. Never try growing them in full shade.

If they become leggy they are not getting enough sun. Keep the plants away from buildings and trees that block off light and ventilation. They are brilliant plants for fall garden joy and perfect for growing in containers to add that color pop needed.

In a post at SouthernLiving.com, you’ll discover 20 ways you can use pansies and violas the johnny jump up flower in containers.

More at: SouthernLiving.com – 20 Ways Pansies & Viola Gardens.

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