9 All Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Slugs In Your Garden

When planting a garden, slugs and snails for whatever reason seem to show up. Trying to get rid of slugs can be a challenge.

Throw in the desire to grow organically and you eliminate some of the slug control options right away.

snails eating hosta leaves, slugs seeking food

We shared a post on using diatomaceous earth for pest control in the garden, which works in slugs and snails.

Here are 9 all-natural ways to battle slugs and snails in the garden. Check them out below…

Snails and slugs are a menace in many gardens. Commercial and chemical methods to control slugs are available. They are less effective during rainy seasons and can be toxic to wildlife and birds.

#1 – Change Your Watering Schedule

Slugs are known to be active during the night and comfortable in wet conditions. Consider watering in the morning to allow the soil surface to dry before the night fall.

#2 – Use Seaweed As A Soil Amendment

Seaweed has been mixed into the soil as a natural slug repellent. Use it around the base plants or perimeter bed. Pile 3” to 4” inches thicks. Slugs avoid the salty seaweed.

When mulching, keep seaweed away from plant stems.

#3 – Use of Copper Strips

Place small copper stripe round the flower pots or raised beds. Cut 2 inches of copper and attach it round the lower part of the flower pot. The strips can also be set on the edge of the soil to act as a fence where the snails and slugs can crawl onto.

Copper strip barriers will be effective around the wood barrels bring utilized as a planter.

A non-toxic metallic copper mesh slug shield  is available, that can be wrapped around plant stems. The slug shields are, long-lasting, reusable and waterproof.

#4 Apply Diatomaceous Earth To Your Garden

Diatomaceous Earth has been called insect dust. It’s the remains of skeletal microscopic creatures. It’s sharp and jagged, scratching soft bodied pests such as slugs leading to their dehydration.

It I can applied a powder, sprinkled around plants and garden beds. It can also be mine with water and applied as foliar spray.

Always purchase Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth for use in the garden.

#5 Add Coffee Grounds To Soil

According to a study in June 2002 in the journal Nature stated:

“We have discovered that solutions of caffeine are effective in killing or repelling slugs and snails when applied to foliage or the growing medium of plants.”

Used coffee grounds can be broadcast on top of soil. The caffeine percentage required is a solution of 1-2%.

#6 Install An Electronic Slug Fence

An electronic slug fence is a safe, non-toxic method for slug and snail control. The fence is twenty-four-foot-long, with a 5-inch ribbon like barrier “powered” by a 9-volt battery.

When slugs and snails touch the fence, they get a mild electronic shock. It will not kill the slugs, it only makes them look for somewhere else to forage.

#7 Give Slugs A Dash Of Salt!

Visit your garden at night with a flashlight and salt shaker. Look for the plants that have been damaged by inspecting the leaves even on the underside.

Sprinkle a little salt on the slugs and watch them die!. This is a last resort and is not particularly pleasant. Don’t use too much salt, it can hurt the soil.

#8 Give Them Some Beer

Beer traps can be an option. Take a wide, shallow jar and put in a little beer. Bury the jar in the soil to the neck level.

Prop up the lid using a small stick to avoid rain diluting the beer. Leave enough space for the snails and slugs to enter the trap.

#9 Put Crushed Eggshells Around Plants

Crushing egg shells and sprinkling them around plants works sort of like diatomaceous earth. Egg shells will also act as soil amendments when they decompose and is a plus.

#10 Pick Them Off By Hand

Overturn a flower pot, prop up the rim with a stone. Leave overnight, slugs will crawl under it and you can easily pick them off and dispose of them.

Grapefruit halves work in a similar way and have the advantage of the good smell of fruits acting as bait.

Setting a wide board on the ground in affected areas is also a simple method. The slugs will crawl under the board.

Have more methods to share? Let us know!

How to get rid of slugs in the garden can be a challenge. When planting a garden, slugs and snails seem to show up. [MORE On Natural Slug Control]