What Is Lantana Depressa And How To Grow It

Growing Lantana Depressa

With a few exceptions, lantanas have proven to be increasingly popular in the southern states. These perennial plants from the Verbenaceae family are often used as borders and groundcover and

What Is Lantana Urticoides And How To Grow It

Growing Lantana Urticoides

Lantana urticoides (lan-TAN-a ur-tih-KOY-deez)  is a plant member of the Verbena (Verbenaceae) family.  It has many names, and you may hear it referred to as:  The plants’ common names are

What Is A West Indian Lantana And How To Grow It

Growing West Indian Lantana

West Indian Lantana is a species of shrub verbena (Verbenaceae family of plants) that is also commonly called:  Common Lantana  Lantana Red Sage  Shrub Verbena  Umbelanterna Spanish flag Yellow Sage

How To Grow and Care For Yellow Lantana

yellow lantana

Lantanas are known for their colorful clusters of flowers, but few have found the same success as the Lucky Series of Lantana camara (lahn-TAHN-ah kah-MAR-ah). In this series are three

Types of Lantana Colors, Sizes & Growth Habits

Lantana infestations have been described in Australia, Asia, Africa, South America, North America, and many of the Caribbean and South Pacific islands.  Lantana plants are considered invasive in many areas,