Potash Fertilizer: How to Use It In The Garden

Handful of Potash fertilizer

For the effortless growth and reproduction of your plants, potassium is quite essential.  Once referred to as potash, potassium fertilizers have two main types in which potassium is combined with

Uses And Benefits of Kelp Meal Fertilizers

Kelp seaweed fertilizer

Kelp fertilizer in meal or liquid form is an organic alternative to chemical fertilizers in the garden.  Of your choices in organic fertilizers, kelp seaweed meal is one of the

When & How To Use Lemon Tree Fertilizer

ripe lemons ready for picking or lemonade

Apart from being aesthetically pleasing, lemon trees and citrus trees are excellent sources of Vitamin C, magnesium, iron, and other valuable nutrients.  If treated well, lemon trees will produce fruit all

How To Use Bone Meal Fertilizer In The Garden

Bag of bone meal fertilizer

Organic gardeners use fertilizer applications of a bone meal when following organic gardening methods. It’s easy to use and adds phosphorous to the soil. Phosphorous helps to produce strong roots,

Organic Fertilizer

Organic fertilizers high in nitrogen include manure, cotton seed meal, guano, and the by-products of slaughter houses – bone meal, tankage, and dried blood. The best organic fertilizer sources of phosphoric

How To Use Ammonium Nitrate As A Fertilizer

Garden shops carry a wide variety of fertilizers, which can cause confusion when you have no idea about what best fits your needs. Ammonium Nitrate fertilizer makes a perfect example