What Is The Best Fern Fertilizer?

Fern Fertilizer

Ferns provide some of the most beautiful foliage out there. The fronds come in various shapes and sizes; some feature their spores prominently, while others aren’t so apparent. Growing ferns

Best Fertilizer For Tomato Seedlings

Tomato Seedling Fertilizer

Plants, like kids, need a well-balanced diet to grow up healthy and strong. However, tomatoes are an extra special case. To get the most out of your tomato plant, you’ll

When To Start Fertilizing Tomato Seedlings?

Fertilizing Tomato Seedlings

Tomatoes are one of the craziest plants to grow, and it’s not even their fault! These fruits are often mistaken for vegetables and are close relatives of potatoes, resulting in

What Is A Bloom Booster Fertilizer?

Bloom Booster Fertilizer

A Bloom Booster fertilizer is presented as being specially formulated to deliver just the right macronutrient balance, amino acids, trace minerals, and elevated potassium and phosphorus levels to plants.  This

When To Start Fertilizing Roses?

Fertilizing Roses

Roses need a great deal of fertilizer to survive and thrive, but timing is everything when fertilizing them. Applying high nitrogen fertilizer (5-1-2) early in the spring is a good

When And How To Fertilize Lantana Plants

Fertilizing Lantana

Rugged, colorful Lantana is an easy-care tropical plant that has made itself at home in many locations throughout the United States and worldwide. It can easily be grown as a

What Is 20-0-0 Fertilizer Used For


No doubt you already know that fertilizer can help plants and is almost essential for potted plants. However, you might not be aware that there is a wide range of

How To Use Balanced 10 10 10 Fertilizer

gloved handful of fertilizer

If you’re unsure of your specific garden fertilizer needs, generally you’ll not go wrong applying 10-10-10 fertilizer a “complete all-purpose fertilizer” or balanced fertilizer for plants. Fertilizer 10-10-10 includes equal

7 Best Homemade Tomato Fertilizer Options

Have you ever tried using a natural tomato fertilizer to grow your tomato plants? Let’s face it… Tomatoes are undoubtedly the most popular plant grown in many home vegetable gardens.

Desert Rose Fertilizer and Growing Tips

Flowering Desert Rose (Adenium Plant)

Scientifically known as Adenium [a-DEE-nee-um], the desert rose is a succulent plant with fleshy stems and bright-hued flowers. The flowering plant is a species of the Apocynaceae genus, along with Dipladenia, from the dogbane family.  Sun-loving Adenium plants resemble the

10 Natural Homemade Organic Fertilizer Recipes

wood ashes fertilizer alternative

Using natural organic fertilizer is nothing new. Years ago, people gardened to produce better, cheaper, and healthy veggies than store-bought. A good garden starts with the enrichment of the soil.

Molasses For Plants And Fertilizer

Molasses as a fertilizer for plants

There has been a rise in the number of gardeners who are shifting to organic fertilizers to feed their plants.  Among these natural fertilizers, molasses is a great plant fertilizer

What Is The Best Bougainvillea Fertilizer?

Bougainvillea blooming use the righ bougainvillea fertilizer

The beautiful Bougainvillea plant is a genus of tropical plants, thorny, shrub-like perennial vines of the Nyctaginaceae family. Beautiful in a hanging basket and some growers have formed them as

Rose Of Sharon Fertilizer

Flowers of the Rose of Sharon

Known for its large, pink to purple (sometimes white), trumpet-shaped flowers and long and late season blooming, Rose of Sharon is a hardy deciduous shrub from the Malvaceae or mallow