How To Plant, Grow and Care For Scented Geraniums

Scented-Leaved Geraniums

Just about everyone is surprised to find out their geraniums aren’t from the genus Geranium (jer-AY-nee-um) but a very similar genus called Pelargonium (pe-lar-GO-nee-um). Hailing primarily from South Africa and

Why Are My Geranium Leaves Turning Yellow?

yellowing leaves of a Geranium

Geraniums can be a little confusing for many people, as there are actually two genera called geranium: Geranium and Pelargoniums, the latter of which was separated into its own genus

Snapdragon Care: Tips On Growing The Snapdragon Flower

colorful snapdragon plants in full flower

The snapdragon plants –  Antirrhinum majus [an-TEE-ry-num MAY-jus] are old-fashioned plants native to the Mediterranean. Snapdragons add a great deal of color, charm, and fragrance to a sunny flower garden throughout the

How To Plant and Grow Perfect Peonies

It is a foregone conclusion that no one will ever grow perfect peony plants. But it should be our aim to approach this goal as nearly as possible. The following