6 Ways To Fix A Leggy Polka Dot Plant

Leggy Polka Dot Plant

Variegated plants are all the rage, and one of the most striking is Hypoestes phyllostachya, better known as the polka dot plant. These plants are best known for their leaves,

Fittonia Argyroneura: Is It A Plant Or A Group?

Fittonia argyroneura

How do you take a fantastic genus such as fittonia and make it bigger? Why, make countless cultivated Fittonia varieties, of course! That’s precisely what the Argyroneura Group, sometimes referred

Fittonia Varieties: Popular Nerve Plants To Grow

assorted Fittonia varieties

Fittonias are a small genus with only two accepted species, plus three other plants currently under review to see if they’re varieties or separate species. Both Fittonia albivenis and Fittonia gigantea are native to

Is the Polka Dot Plant Poisonous?

pretty polka dot plant - it it poisonous or toxic?

Polka dot plants (Hypoestes) are neat little leafy plants; many people plant them as annuals in pots indoors and their gardens outside. They get their name from the brightly-colored dots

How To Grow And Care For Sanchezia Plant [GUIDE]

Zebra like leaves of Sanchezia Speciosa

Sanchezia speciosa [san-CHEH-zee-uh, spee-see-OH-suh] is an evergreen perennial shrub species from the family Acanthaceae, native to tropical rainforests of northeastern Peru and Ecuador where it grows as an understory plant

Care Requirements For Shrimp Plant

The shrimp plant Justicia brandegeana earned its well deserved name from its normally arching, bronze-coppery flowerheads. It can display masses of blooms all year and is easy to grow. Shrimp plant

Tips On Dragon’s Tongue Plant Care

Dragon's Tongue - Hemigraphis Repanda

Dragon’s Tongue, also called Hemigraphis Repanda (hem-ee-GRAF-iss, REP-an-duh), belongs to the Acanthaceae family and is native to Malaysia and India.   The first half of the scientific name “Hemigraphis” is

How To Grow and Care For Purple Waffle Plant

Botanically called Hemigraphis alternata [hem-ee-GRAF-iss, al-ter-NAY-tuh], Purple Waffle plants are native to India, Java, and Malaysia.  They are herbaceous perennials and belong to the flowering plant family – Acanthaceae along

How To Grow and Care For Justicia Brandegeeana

Blooms of Justicia Brandegeana (Mexican Shrimp Plant)

Native to Mexico, Justicia brandegeeana [jus-TEE-see-ah, bran-dij-ee-AN-uh] is an evergreen shrub and part of the family Acanthaceae of plants that include: Justicia carnea (Brazilian plume flower) Sanchezia speciosa Aphelandra Squarrosa

How To Care For A Shrimp Plant

Question: On a trip to Disney World we saw a landscape bed of “Golden Shrimp Plant.” Can the plant be grown indoors and will it flower? Or should it be