Are Peperomia Plant Toxic To Cats?

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Peperomia (pep-er-ROH-mee-uh) is a massive group of over 1,000 species and cultivars from the Piperaceae family.

These tropical plants come from tropical portions of Asia, Africa, and Central and South America. To answer the question are peperomia toxic to cats? – No, Peperomia is pet safe for cats! But, they can still get sick!

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Cats love Peperomias. This may lead them to eat enough to make them sick despite being non-toxic.

Despite such a large genus, peperomia plants tend to share similar care requirements, making it easy to expand your collection.

They make great indoor plants. Keep them out of direct sunlight, avoid overwatering to avoid root rot, keep the soil moist. 

Just pick a spot with:

  • Bright, indirect light or partial shade
  • Well-drained potting soil with added perlite (or a homemade soilless potting mix)
  • Temperatures that don’t drop below 50° degrees Fahrenheit
  • Decent humidity
  • … and just about any peperomia will thrive

The wide range of shapes, sizes, and colorations make collecting peperomias easy.

Of course, not every type of peperomia is readily available. Some species are popular among amateurs, some among collectors, and some remaining undomesticated.

Some of the more popular varieties include:

Is The Peperomia Plant Poisonous or Toxic?

The good news is that the ASPCA considers peperomias to be non-toxic and a cat-friendly plant.

Horses can safely graze on them when used as ground cover.

Cats and dogs love these plants. This may lead them to eat enough to make them sick despite the plants being non-toxic.

What Parts Of The Peperomia Are Poisonous or Toxic?

All parts of the peperomia plant are considered non-toxic.

Be warned! With such a vast number of peperomia species, it is always possible to run into an uncommon or newly domesticated species with some degree of toxicity.

But, any species or cultivar you find at a nursery is likely to be safe for both humans and animals.

Want to know what flowers are safe for cats? Check out our comprehensive list.

What Are The Symptoms Of Poisoning?

While peperomia plants are technically non-toxic, they can produce toxic-like reactions in cats and dogs who try overeating.

Due to their digestive system’s design, these pets are mainly carnivores and can only consume small amounts of plant matter.

Over-indulgence may result in diarrhea, irritability, or vomiting.

How To Protect Yourself While Handling Peperomia

Peperomia is generally safe to handle. Wear gloves if you are prone to skin irritation from contact with plant sap.

This changes if you use pesticides or your plant is ill.

In these cases, always wear gloves to avoid getting the toxins or any bacteria or spores on your hands.

Always wash your hands after handling any plant you think might have health issues related to microorganisms. It is easy to contaminate healthier plants.

You may also wish to keep your peperomia out of reach of pets if you catch them nibbling on one often.

Now you know that Peperomia in not toxic to cats. But, cat owners wonder if other plants are toxic or poisonous? Follow the article links below for more:

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