How To Transplant A Sago Palm Plant

established Sago palm

Cycas revoluta is commonly known as the Sago Palm. This plant is an evergreen tree with a very thick trunk and resembles a palm tree.  However, despite its common name, Sago

How To Plant and Grow Sago Palm Seeds

Sago Palm seeds

Growing Sago Palm seeds is fun and a great learning experience. You will need to be patient. They are slow. Buy or collect fresh seed. Wear gloves when handling. [DETAILS]

Dioon Edule Care: Growing The Mexican Cycad

Dioon edule leaves and cone

Hailing from the coastal region of Mexico around Nuevo Leon, San Luis, and Tamaulipas, Dioon edule (dy-OH-awn ED-yew-lay) is a perennial hailing from prehistoric times.  Its scientific name translates roughly

Coontie Palm Care Tips

CLuster of the coontie palm - zamia

The coontie plant (Zamia Pumila), also known as coontie fern, is a small cycad from the family Zamiaceae and related to the popular cycad known as the Sago palm (Cycas