Midnight Marvel Hibiscus Care

Midnight Marvel Hibiscus [Hi-BIS-kus] are herbaceous perennial plants with dark foliage color and purple tones belongs to the family Malvaceae commonly called hibiscus plants.

Initially hybridized by Kevin A. Hurd in 2008 and propagated the same year using both sterile tissue and stem cuttings in Zeeland, Michigan.

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The common names for Midnight Marvel Hibiscus include:

  • Hibiscus ‘Midnight Marvel’ PP24079
  • Hibiscus Midnight Rose Mallow

Midnight Marvel Hibiscus Plants Care

Size & Growth

The foliage color is dark green with purple undertones, with variable shapes as per the stem positioning and time of the year.

The purple foliage with red blooms makes it a stunning outdoor and indoor plant. The growth rate of the Hardy Hibiscus is moderate once the roots become stable, which takes four to six weeks.

After the plant is established, the growth rate escalates. It’s a compact plant growing about 4’ feet wide and tall.

Flowering and Fragrance

The color of the Hibiscus ‘Midnight Marvel’ range from deep wine-purple and deep scarlet red flowers.

These flowers are almost flat-faced, saucer-shaped growing 8” – 9” inches long with overlapping petals. The bloom time is mid-summer to early fall – July to September.

Light & Temperature

This hardy hibiscus variety loves the full sun but tolerates part shade. Place this plant in direct sun with sufficient air circulation to produce strong stems, and striking flowers.

The growth rate of this plant slows down during early spring and late summer, but it’s not a cause for concern. While it can grow well in partial shade, the flowering and growth is likely to suffer.

During hot summer months, provide some shade to prevent potential damage. Midnight Marvel hardy hibiscus is recommended for USDA hardiness zone 4 – 9.

Watering and Feeding

The Rose Mallow prefers regular watering as they are not drought tolerant.

With insufficient water, the flower buds will start dropping, and the plant will become vulnerable to diseases and insects.

Feed this plant high-quality organic fertilizer, and place fresh compost topping annually for optimal growth and striking flower color.

Details on:

Soil & Transplanting

The Hibiscus ‘Midnight Marvel’ tolerates a range of soil types, neutral or acidic, clay or sand.

Since these plants are native to the swampy locations, moist, well drained soil is best.

Moreover, it grows well along ponds as it offers the right soil moisture.

The plant also grows well and is adaptable to typical garden conditions, as long as the soil is not too dry.

Grooming and Maintenance

This Hibiscus needs moist soil with good drainage for optimal growth but is mostly low maintenance.

Sufficient water will enhance the plant’s appearance and to improve its growth rate.

Plant it in a garden during the summer season before temperatures become too hot.

Add proper mulch around the plant for its first winter season.

Prune the hibiscus plant to remove any broken and dead branches. During the spring season, trim stems before the appearance of new growth.

During late summer, trim the spent flowers to improve its appearance.

Always use a sharp saw, loppers or hand pruners to prune the plant.

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How To Propagate Rose Mallow

The propagation of MIdnight Marvel types is done using divisions and tissue culture.

Divide plants during the early spring season.

Growing through tissue culture or cloning assures the plant with be identical to the main plant.

Moreover, the stem cuttings might start rotting if they are taken before flowering.

When planting, make sure to create a large hole to comfortably fit the bareroot without the need to bend them.

Cover well with soil, and thoroughly water.

NOTE: Hibiscus ‘Midnight Marvel’ PP24079 is a patented plant and propagation is prohibited. Details on the patent here.

Hardy Hibiscus Pest or Diseases

The Rose Mallow is susceptible to canker, rusts, hibiscus blights, and leaf spots if not enough moisture and water is provided.

This beautiful plant occasionally attracts:

  • Aphids
  • Whiteflies
  • Japanese beetles

If appropriate action is not taken, Japanese beetles may severely damage the foliage.

More on –> How do you get rid of Japanese Beetles?

If the soil gets too dry, it results in leaf scorch.

This plant is deer resistant.

Uses For Marvel Hibiscus Midnight

The flower color of this Hibiscus and its purple foliage looks striking in borders, mass or group landscape accent, specimen, and as a temporary hedge.

These perennial plants are useful in wet areas, low spots, and along ponds and streams.

It also attracts bees and hummingbirds.

Generally, all the perennial species of Hibiscus are edible. The flowers and the young leaves have a mild flavor.

The shoots, roots, and leaves contain a gooey liquid which is useful for thickening soups, and also in the meringue.

However, once the stems, roots, and leaves become mature, they become unpleasant and fibrous.

Press the seeds of this plant to produce oil which is useful for cooking.

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