Why Felco #2 Pruners Are The Best Hand Pruners On The Market

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A hand pruner is a necessary tool in the garden. My pruner of choice for almost 40 years has been the Felco #2 pruner! I have a pair that has been by my side for over 35 years. Purchasing a Felco hand pruner will last you a lifetime. These hand pruners are that Good!

Old Felco 2 clippers, springs replaces, handles, blades and more.Pin
One of My Old Felco #2 pruners, replaced springs, handles, blades and more.

Felco is an established garden tool company making top quality gardening implements for half a century. Of all the hand pruners and other excellent tools this company makes, the most useful and popular by far is the Swiss-made, classic manual Felco #2 bypass pruner.

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Master gardeners and professional horticulturists around the world swear by this reliable hand pruner. In this review, we will present the reasons why you can’t go wrong when you add a Felco #2 hand pruning shears to your garden toolkit. Read on to learn more.

Performance, Comfort & Durability

The Felco 2 pruners are handily sized and light weight at just eight-and-a-half inches long and eight-and-a-half-ounce in weight. The pruner comes equipped with a rubber shock absorber cushion for smooth and comfortable use.

The design of the F classic hand clippers feature an angled cut head and ideally shaped handles making it easy to hold your hand and wrist in the proper position for injury and fatigue-free pruning.

The recommended maximum cutting capacity of this tool is one-inch. When you are trimming woody perennials and plants such as rose bushes, there is simply no better choice than these original, classic pruners from Felco. With their exceptional durability, ease of use and smooth action they make any light pruning task a breeze.

When you purchase your tool, you will find that the packaging is durable and reusable to provide safe, secure storage. Complete instructions regarding sharpening, care, maintenance and safe use are also included. The Felco hand pruners come with a full one-year and limited lifetime guarantee.

What You Get With The High-Quality Felco Pruner

  • A Lifelong Investment: Parts replacement capability means you can “buy it once and buy it right” with this hand pruning tool.
  • All-Purpose: With a maximum cutting capacity of one-inch, these pruners are capable of handling most light cutting jobs.
  • Adjustable: The hardened nut and bolt and locking mechanism located on the pivot bolt assembly allows micrometric adjustment for precise cuts.
  • Strong & Sharp: The harden steel blades are rugged, easy to sharpen and hold their edge for a long time.
  • Rust Resistance: The spring mechanism is protected against rust and corrosion by a metal sheath.
  • Guaranteed: These pruners come with a full one year warranty and a limited lifetime warranty.
  • Ergonomic: Lightweight and comfortable, non-slip grip make the pruners a pleasure to use.
  • Smooth Operation: The sap groove keeps your blades clean for smooth, uninterrupted use.
  • Shock Absorber: Solid rubber cushion helps prevent hand and wrist fatigue and injury.
  • Highly Visible: Thanks to the bright red handles, you will not lose track of your pruners!
  • Efficiency: The sap groove prevents gumming and makes cleaning easier.
  • Versatility: Wire cutting notch facilitates anchoring and other garden jobs.
  • Safety: Easy access locking mechanism
  • Handles: Forged aluminum alloy

Felco shears are the perfect weight and grip for comfortable extended use in the garden. Made of forged aluminium alloy the handles are covered with comfortable replaceable rubber grips.

It is almost impossible to break these handles, but if something entirely unforeseen should happen and you break a handle or any other part of your high-quality pruners, you will be happy to know that replacement parts are readily and affordably available.

Genuine Swiss Steel Components Deliver Top-Notch Performance

With its classic, unchanging design, Felco secateurs have been the choice of smart gardeners, nursery owners and workers for over 50 years. The cut blades of these pruners are Swiss precision-made of hardened steel.

The bypass blade is scalpel sharp and holds an edge for a very long time. The anvil (thicker blade) is indestructible and will never need replacing (but if it does, you can purchase a replacement!)

The hook blade comes equipped with a sap groove (raised edge) that prevents it from gumming up when you cut through sappy branches. This groove ensures smooth, continuous operation – even for lengthy and messy jobs.

The hardened steel, precision made cutting blade offers top performance and versatility with its built-in soft wire cutting notch which makes it easy to carry out many garden tasks associated with pruning such as clipping wire or twine for anchoring and training wayward branches. The notch for the wire cutter makes it possible to cut small pieces of wire without having to switch tools.

The pruner is held together with a hardened steel bolt and nut combination equipped with a locking segment. This assures you can adjust the blades precisely for correct closure. An adjustment key is also included. Being able to adjust the blades with minute precision and lock those adjustments in place makes cutting easy, efficient and dependable.

Maintenance is easy (if not non-existent). Although all parts are replaceable and the hardened steel blades can be sharpened using a sharpen stone like this to a fine edge, you are sure to find that this top-quality tool needs little adjustment, care or sharpening. In fact, the blades may very well hold their scalpel-sharp edge for many seasons if properly used and stored.

Superb ergonomic design with effective safety and comfort features ensures comfortable, injury-free use even for lengthy, repetitive tasks. The bright red, no-slip covering on the tough, aluminum alloy handles makes it easy to use and easy to find your pruners should you set them down in the garden.

If you do happen to leave your pruners out overnight, you needn’t worry that the spring mechanism will rust. A protective metal sheath covers and guards against moisture damage.

While proper care and storage will surely reduce the number of times you need to sharpen the blades, as well as the likelihood of needing to replace parts, you needn’t treat these pruners as delicate implements.

This rugged tool can withstand the common mishaps that may befall well-used implements. If you leave them out occasionally, drop, tread upon or run over them, they will probably be up to the challenge.

While shelling out $50 for a set of shears may seem a bit extravagant, remember that you’ll only need to buy them once!

Go With The Original Felco – Don’t Settle For Cheap Knock-Offs

It is interesting and important to note that there are a number of knock-offs of Felco #2 anvil pruners, and while they may look alike, there are significant differences in terms of quality of materials and small details in design.

Here is an interesting video that compares the parts of the Felco #2 with a far less expensive knock-off. While it may seem that they are very similar, there are visible differences in quality in aspects such as the shock absorber, the design of the safety catch and more.

What you don’t see is the quality of the metal and the rubber components. The Felco tools are Swiss-made of top quality steel and aluminum. The knockoff is made in Taiwan.

If you have ever bought any metal tool made in the far east or any metal fastener (e.g. nails, screws, hooks) you are sure to have found out the hard way that metal used in making tools and fasteners in Asian countries is typically soft and non-durable. Low-quality rubber and plastic tends to degrade quickly.

The producer of this video says that he may use the knock-off to source replacement parts for his Felco #2 shears; however, this would be a poor idea because of the surely lacking quality of the metal. It is also important to note that in the comments, the maker of this video says he has not yet tested the knock-off shears.

It is one thing to take a tool apart, reverse engineer it and replicate it using inferior materials. It is another to actually create a high quality, durable tool. The Asian knock off will be no match for the Felco clippers in terms of performance and durability.

Choose The Classic Felco Professional Pruner!

Felco #2 pruners are an icon in the gardening world. It is easy to see why they have been the go-to choice for professional gardeners and nurserymen for more than four decades. In fact, professional greenhouse and nursery owners typically choose this pruner over less expensive models to equip their employees.

The durability and quality are second to none. The superb craftsmanship and design ensure lowered equipment costs in the long term, greater employee efficiency and less chance of employee injury or fatigue.

If you have high expectations of your garden tools and don’t want to be pestered and hampered by poor performance and difficult use, the Felco F-2 pruners are an excellent choice. From small limbs to fairly thick branches, these pruners tackle most garden tasks with the greatest of ease.

These pruners are the most popular tool of their type on the market; even though, they may seem a bit pricey at around $50 a pair. Their performance, quality, and feel are simply far superior to other less expensive hand pruners.  The reason? Felco’s are crafted with fine, precision workmanship.

The original tool is durable and long-lasting, and you will never need to replace the entire unit. If any part breaks, it is easy to replace with readily available parts from Felco.

While you might think that parts may become unavailable in the future, you needn’t worry. Felco #2 pruners have remained unchanged for 50 years because the design and construction are simply sheer perfection.

Felco F2 - Classic Manual Hand Pruner
Highly Recommended - We've been using the Felco 2 hand pruner for over 30 years!
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