Decorating with Succulents – Creative Ideas and Tips

Succulents are unique, beautiful and fantastically drought tolerant. A few of the most commonly known succulent plant groups are:

This wide variety means there is something for everybody. Succulents can be grown indoors and outdoors and in virtually every climate.


Among the many kinds of gardens you can use to decorate a home, a garden of succulents is among the easiest to start and care for. They’re hardy, beautiful and can be a great addition to any room or space.

There are many ways for you to make your succulents garden nicer, more vibrant, and more appealing. Adding color with some bright containers or glass beads can really make your succulents garden look great.

  • Use different kinds of containers, uniquely shaped containers and decorative objects/fillers – fishbowls, cans, pots, or vases, for example – to add interest.
  • Any kind of object, material or knick knack can be used around your succulents to add color.
  • A terrarium isn’t just for windowsills or porches; they can be used on dining tables or hanging from the ceiling. has a good post with some creative decorating ideas.

#1 Question new cactus and succulent growers ask? “What is the Best Soil for Cactus to use? Read our article for details.

Want to expand your collection or share with friends, learn to propagate succulents here.


Many succulents are small, interesting, grow slow and when combined with creativity… they pack a decorating punch.

Create a succulent sphere, globe or orb using two baskets makes an interesting focal point.

Make A Succulent Hanging Basket a nice solution for windy areas where baskets dry out!

In the video below, Tricia from Peaceful Valley walks you through tips on growing succulents, container selection, a soil recipe, potting and watering.

To learn more about growing succulents and making a succulent garden, read – Make A Succulent Container Garden.

In this video you’ll learn how to make a vertical succulent hanging garden.

How To Make An Attractive Birdhouse with Succulent Planter

Here’s a fun idea and a great project for a beginner from Lowe’s – a birdhouse and a planter combined.

All the tools, materials, and know how are shared in this build from Lowes. Learn how to make a lovely and unique birdhouse with a small planter for drought-tolerant plants on top.

This is a an interesting and beautiful twist on the old standard.

10 Creative Ideas For Using Cactus and Succulents In Gardens

Over at Houzz the share how cacti and succulents can be an excellent addition to any garden, whether you live in the dessert or the city.

Knowing how best to use them however, might not be as easy. Thanks to Laura Gaskill at, she shares ten different ideas for cactus and succulent gardens.

You’re to be inspired when looking to add these quirky plants to their outdoor space.

From terrace beds to sculpture replicas or just if you want to add color.

Cactus and succulents give plenty of ways to add interest to the garden… planted in the ground or in containers.

How To Make A Modern Hanging Succulent Planter

With more and more people getting into Do-It-Yourself projects, it’s no wonder everyone is starting to incorporate these projects into other aspects and hobbies in their lives.

If you are into gardening and plants then this project may very well be for you.

The succulent planter is easy to do and all you need are the proper tools and a little bit of know how.

In the end you’ll walk away with a wonderful planter that’ll make a sweet gift for one of your friends. via

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