How To Make A Succulent Sphere or Globe

Recently, I ran across this unique succulent collection which is a current Amazon Best Seller and was thinking of a fun way to use them all. One of the great things about growing succulents is you can plant them all together to create some unique looks.

Sure you can plant them individually, or put several in a pot. However, a succulent globe or shpere gives an entirely different look.


Being a little skeptial I spent some time reading through the comments. There were lots of 5 Star reviews along with some not so glowing ones, but overall this succulent collection gets 4 Stars. Looks like a good place to start.

Earlier we shared the idea of making a succulent hanging basket. But the idea can go in another direction. Instead of a hanging basket, how about creating a hanging succulent globe by using two hanging baskets to create a globe, orb or sphere!

You could hang the globe in the garden or placed it on a decorative pot to make an interesting focal point.

Over at Drought Smart Plants has a nice tutorial on making a succulent sphere or globe. You also get some ideas on the best sizes to make and handle… bigger is not always better.

Want to expand your succulent collection or share with friends, learn to propagate succulents here. We also found a couple videos on making a Succulent globe!

Cindy at The Succulent Perch shares tips on how to make a make false stems!

Grab this succulent collection some wire baskets, moss sphere and it doesn’t hurt to have our trusty Felco pruners!

Hope from Los Osos Valley Nursery makes a succulent along with a bromeliad hanging ball sphere.

Young’s garden center shows off some spheres planted with hens and chicks along with other succulents. They look great from any angle.

It all starts with an assortment of succulents like this Best Selling collection.

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