How To Overwinter Canna Lilies

overwinter canna lilies

One of the biggest draws of canna lilies is that they can be grown in just about every USDA hardiness zone, although often as annuals. This means they’re a perfect

How And When To Cut Back Canna Lilies

cut back canna

They might not be true lilies, but the genus Canna is nearly indistinguishable to the untrained eye. These beautiful plants are an excellent substitute for traditional lilies and are resilient,

How Come My Canna Lily Will Not Flower?

Blooming Canna lilies - Contemporary Hotel Walt Disney World, Orlando Florida

Perhaps the single most frustrating aspect of having a garden is when flowers fail to bloom. In the case of many ornamentals, this isn’t so much of a problem because

How To Store Canna Lily Bulbs

Potted Canna bulbs in bloom

Storing Canna bulbs is relatively quick and easy. Dig up the rhizomes (those horizontal underground stems) without damaging them, cure them (let them dry out to prevent rot), wrap them

How To Deadhead Cannas And Why You Should!

beautiful flowers of the canna lily at Disney World, Orlando Florida

Cannas (Canna spp.) are cherished for their vibrant flower color and lush foliage as they add a vibrant pop to the garden beds and other landscapes.  The Canna lily (although

Canna Plant Care: How To Grow Canna Lilies

Flowers of the Canna lily

Here’s the deal… Canna Lily Care is easy! The canna lily plant is a flamboyant summer flowering plant with a bold look. The plant grows from thick, fleshy bulbs. Canna is a