How To Store Canna Lily Bulbs

Potted Canna bulbs in bloom

Storing Canna bulbs is relatively quick and easy. Dig up the rhizomes (those horizontal underground stems) without damaging them, cure them (let them dry out to prevent rot), wrap them

How To Get Rid of Aphids on Daylilies

Aphids feeding on daylilies

Daylilies are colorful perennials that brighten up any garden. They need lots of sunlight and love to care to thrive. Once planted, daylilies are easy to maintain and care for,

When Should You Cut Back Tiger Lilies?

Tiger Lily flower on a background of blue sky

Cutting back and pruning Tiger lilies annually helps preserve their longevity and appearance.  The Tiger lily is a lovely plant for sprucing up any garden or home. The first-time gardener

Are Lily Of The Valley Plants Poisonous?

Lily of the valley flowers, blooming Convallaria majalis white flowers, spring bloomer, up-close

Convallaria majalis (kon-vuh-LAIR-ee-uh maj-AY-liss) is one of the most popular garden plants out there. Despite being a member of the Lillaceae family, it’s not a true lily and is best

How To Deadhead Cannas And Why You Should!

beautiful flowers of the canna lily at Disney World, Orlando Florida

Cannas (Canna spp.) are cherished for their vibrant flower color and lush foliage as they add a vibrant pop to the garden beds and other landscapes.  The Canna lily (although

Silver Squill Care: All About Growing Ledebouria Socialis

Attractive foliage of the Silver Squill (Ledebouria Socialis)

Silver Squill or Ledebouria Socialis [Le-de-BOR-ree-a So-KEE-ah-liss] plants are geophytic succulents from the subfamily of Hyacinthaceae.  This species of perennial bulbous plants are native to the Eastern Cape Province of South

How To Care For And Grow Fritillaria Bulbs

Unique flowers of the Fritillaria

Fritillaria bulbs, there is nothing common about the spring blooming Fritillaria. The Fritillaria has many common names: Checked head daffodil Checkered lily Dropping tulip Guinea flower Guinea-hen flower Leper lily

Amazon Lily Plant: How To Care For The Eucharis Lily

The Amazon Lily plant, whiter than snow outside the greenhouse window are the five petals of the “eucharist lily” the Eucharis grandiflora [YOU-kar-is gran-di-FLO-ra]. Lovely, too, is its chartreuse lined perianth-cup, with

Crinum Lily Bulbs: How To Care For Crinum Lilies

Crinum lily bulbs… they’re exotic, related to the Amaryllis plant, with exciting “bell-shaped” fragrant flowers, that come with a lovely sweet scent. Crinum Lily Plant Facts Origin: South Africa Family: Amaryllidaceae

Caring For Trout Lily [Erythronium]

Erythronium Trout Lily flowers

Erythronium [Er-ih-THROH-nee-um] is a genus of spring-flowering plants belonging to the Liliaceae family, closely linked to tulips.  There are around 20 to 30 different species of this plant type, which

Corydalis Lutea: How To Grow and Care For Yellow Corydalis

Flowering Yellow blooms of Corydalis Lutea

Pseudofumaria lutea [syn. Corydalis lutea (kore-ID-uh-liss, LOO-tee-uh)] is a short-lived perennial belonging to the poppy family, Papaveraceae and previously known sub-family Fumariaceae.  Native to the Alps of Italy and Switzerland, the plant has now been naturalized

Tricyrtis Care: Learn Tips On Growing The Toad Lily

exotic orchid like Tricytis lily (toad lily)

Tricyrtis [try-SER-tis] is a shadow-loving plant from the Liliaceae family.  The Greek name, Tricyrtis, means three-humped, referring to the 3 swollen nectaries under the tepals.  These exotic-looking herbaceous perennials are

Camassia Plant Care: Tips On Growing The Camas Lily

Beautiful flowers of the Camassia Plant aka Camas Lily

The Camassia [Kuh-MAS-ee-uh] genus belongs to the Asparagus family. These spring-blooming native plants call the Pacific Northwest of the United States and British Columbia, Canada home. The cut flowers are favorites