How, When and Why Repot Rubber Plants

repot rubber plant

Rubber trees are popular indoor plants because their distinct appearance makes them interesting to look at and because they do well indoors. Rubber tree plants originate from southeast Asia, where

Why Are My Rubber Plant Leaves Falling Off?

Rubber Plant Leaves Falling

Ficus Elastica (FY-kus ee-LASS-tih-kuh) is known as the Rubber Plant or Rubber Tree Plant. This popular ornamental houseplant is well known for its broad, attractive shiny leaves.  In addition, rubber

How To Propagate Fiddle Leaf Fig

Propagating Fiddle-leaf Fig

Admirers of the fiddle leaf plant appreciate the leaves’ unusual shape and waxy texture, dark yet vibrant green color, and rugged yet slender trunks. That’s why fiddle tree lovers often

What Is A Good Ficus Fertilizer?

Good Ficus Fertilizer

Ficus are popular indoor plants for homes with bright lighting. Unfortunately, Ficus is a tropical plant, and so in most homes, it needs to be kept warm in the winter