Bottle Brush Tree Care: How To Grow The Callistemon

Blooming of the Bottle Brush tree

The Bottle Brush tree (Callistemon) belongs to the Myrtaceae family. Bottlebrush trees are quite similar (and closest) to the Paperbark melaleucas, which also have flower spikes shaped like a bottlebrush. Native to

5 Of The [BEST NATURAL] Tomato Fertilizers!

Have you ever tried using a natural or organic tomato fertilizer to grow your tomato plants? Let’s face it. Tomatoes are undoubtedly the most popular plant grown in many home

How To Care For Amaryllis Outdoors

Amaryllis care outdoors

Every holiday season, we find Amaryllis bulbs on sale at local home improvement and garden centers. It’s easy enough to force a potted bulb to bloom indoors, but what should

Tips On Using Bone Meal For Roses

Purchase bone meal fertilizer for roses by the bag

Should you use bone meal on roses? Bone meal is a fantastic organic fertilizer to use on roses. It is rich in phosphorus, which is highly beneficial for flowering plants. Here

10 Natural Homemade Organic Fertilizer Recipes

wood ashes fertilizer alternative

Using natural organic fertilizer is nothing new. Years ago, people gardened to produce better, cheaper, and healthier veggies than store-bought. A good garden starts with the enrichment of the soil.

Cyclamen Care: Tips On Growing Cyclamen Plants

cyclamen plant care how to

Cyclamen plants is a lovely perennial tuber from the Primulacaea family, native to Mediterranean countries such as the Greek Islands, Turkey, and some parts of Europe. The name “Cyclamen” comes

How To Make Good Soil For A Garden

Woman working in garden turning soil

Picture to yourself an enormous factory manned by innumerable workers, each one assigned to his task of converting raw materials into more finished goods. Each worker toiling endlessly, never off

Crinkly Leaf Peperomia: Growing The Versatile Charmers

Crinkly leaf ripple peperomia caperata up close

Crinkly-leafed Peperomias, few small plants have the versatility and charm of Peperomia caperata ‘Emerald Ripple’, Silver Frost Peperomia, Peperomia Albovittata, Peperomia Rosso, and San Marino Peperomia. These charmers from Brazil

How To Use Bone Meal Fertilizer In The Garden

Bag of bone meal fertilizer

Organic gardeners use fertilizer applications for bone meals when following organic gardening methods. It’s easy to use and adds phosphorous to the soil. Phosphorous helps to produce strong roots, with