Neem Oil Does It Control Citrus Tree Scale

neem oil for citrus pests control

Whether you have a dwarf citrus tree or an entire grove, there’s one pest that’s both common and highly destructive: plant scale. Scale infestations not only harm your tree but can lead

What Plant Pests Or Bugs Attack Bougainvillea?

blooming bougainvillea

Bougainvillea is lush, attractive, and relatively easy to care for. Most American enthusiasts will need to grow their bougainvillea in pots, although those in warmer climates may include them in their

How To Control Mealybugs on Schefflera

Leaves of variegated Schefflera and mealybugs

The Schefflera has been a popular plant for use in the landscape and as an indoor plant. Indoors getting rid of mealybugs on Schefflera can be a problem. Fifty years

What Are The Common Croton Pests?

Croton deal with pests like mealybugs, red spider mites, scales, thrips

Whether you keep the Croton as a houseplant or grow it outdoors,  there’s no denying the appeal of a croton plant (codiaeum variegatum). Unfortunately, they also face croton pests. They’re