How To Grow Monkey Grass The Excellent Border Grass

monkey grass border along a rock walkway

Ophiopogon japonicus (off-ee-uh-POE-gun juh-PON-ih-kus) also known as Monkey Grass is a member of the Asparagaceae family.  This perennial groundcover hails from eastern Asia but has naturalized on continents all over

How To Care For Ponytail Palm Outdoors

ponytail palm growing outdoors in Florida

Ponytail Palm (Beaucarnea recurvata) is a rugged, exciting, and distinctive plant that is not a palm at all and makes an excellent addition to the garden as a specimen or large outdoor container plant. In this article we share tips on growing ponytail palms outdoors.

What Soil Is Best For Aloe Plants?

soil for Aloe plants

One of the most useful plants for indoor growing, aloe is fairly easy to grow and can be quite forgiving. While aloe vera is the best known, most aloe species

When Do You Fertilize Hydrangea Plants?

Fertilizing Hydrangea - when should you fertilize?

Hydrangeas are a popular flowering shrub found throughout North America. They’re characterized by large, green leaves and showy, colorful flowers. While the Hydrangea genus contains 23 species, the most common

Rose Of Sharon Fertilizer

Flowers of the Rose of Sharon

Known for its large, pink to purple (sometimes white), trumpet-shaped flowers and long and late season blooming, Rose of Sharon is a hardy deciduous shrub from the Malvaceae or mallow

How To Care For Viburnum Prunifolium

Flowering Viburnum prunifolium

Blackhaw Viburnum, bearing the scientific name Viburnum Prunifolium (vy-Bur-num, proo-ni-FOH-lee-um), belongs to the genus Viburnum (like viburnum plicatum) from the family Adoxaceae, commonly known as the moschatel family. Viburnum was

Caring For Viburnum Dentatum

Berries on the branches viburnum dentatum

Viburnum Dentatum (vy-BURN-num, den-TAY-tum) is a perennial flowering shrub from the Adoxaceae or the moschatel family.  It belongs to the genus Viburnum, which was previously considered a part of the

How To Grow Hawthorne Tree

Red berries of the Hawthorn shrub

Commonly known as Hawthorn, Crataegus (krah-TEE-Gus) is a genus from the Rosaceae family and related to the: Cotoneaster Flowering Almond Red Tip Photinia The genus comprises several hundred species of shrubs and trees native

How To Grow Trailing Rosemary

Trailing Rosmarinus Officinalis Prostratus

Rosemary is a member of the mint or Lamiaceae family. It is a type of perennial herb hailing originally from the Mediterranean.  There are several different varieties of Rosemary, and one

Learn How To Grow Copper Leaf Acalypha

acalypha wilkesiana (copper plant)

The Copper leaf plant, botanically called Acalypha wilkesiana [ak-uh-LY-fuh, wilk-see-AY-nuh], is an evergreen subtropical shrub.  This colorful Acalypha plant along with its cousin the chenille plant belongs to Acalyphinae a

Caring For Astilbe Plants

Flowerng False Goat's Beard (Astilbe Plant)

Astilbe [a-STIL-bee] is a genus of approximately 25 species and hundreds of hybrids of herbaceous perennials belonging to the Saxifragaceae family.  These rhizomatous flowering plants are popular for their tall,

How To Care For Clematis Paniculata Plants

Blooming Clematis paniculata aka (Sweet Autumn Clematis)

Clematis paniculata [klem-AT-iss, pan-ick-yoo-LAH-tuh] is commonly known as Sweet Autumn Clematis. It also has several different Latin names, such as: This perennial vining plant hails from Japan, and with its

When And How To Fertilize Crepe Myrtles

Colorful Blooms of the Crepe Myrtle tree need fertilizer for more flowers

Crape Myrtle, also spelled as Crepe Myrtle, is the common name for Lagerstroemia, which is a genus of about 50 evergreen and deciduous shrubs and trees, from the Lythraceae or

How To Care For Bee Balm Flower (Monarda Plant)

Blooming Bee Balm

Monarda pronounced (Mon-nard-uh) more commonly known as the “Bee Balm plant” is a herbaceous perennial plant native to North America. These favorite garden perennials flower in late summer and are

How To Grow and Care For Crown of Thorns Plant

growing crown of thorns plant

The Crown of Thorns plant (Euphorbia Milii) originally grew in Madagascar. This succulent shrub holds multiple stems and bright green leaves. Blackthorns cover the branches. However, they feel relatively soft

How To Grow And Care For Hosta Plants

Hosta leaves

Hosta (HOSS-tuh)is a plant genus made up of seventy species and more than three thousand registered varieties. The genus name honors Nicolaus Thomas Host, a botanist who was also the

5 Tips For Late Summer Lawn Care

Lawn mower cutting grass

Most lawn owners are struggling with forces beyond their knowledge. Many lawn experts talk over the heads of “Mr. and Mrs. Homeowner” who have not been trained in the ways