Succulent Fountain Ideas: How To Convert A Fountain To A Succulent Garden

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Succulents are beautiful, unique garden plants. Their texture and colors are a sure way to impress and add some uniqueness to your garden.

Do you have an old fountain in your backyard? Perhaps drought or water restrictions no longer allow the outdoor water fountain to be a smart use of resources. With landscape ideas, backyard ideas, and clever use of succulent plants to transform it into a beautiful fairy garden.


You can still use the fountain as a focal point in the garden by turning it into a beautiful succulent garden fountain. You’ll need to prepare the ground where it will sit, then add the soil and fill it with the succulents.

After that, add the succulent plants in all tiers and add some succulents which trail around it.

Many types of plants can go into create a unique look for your garden. Check out the video below for tips on making your succulent fountain.

Look at all the plants used on some of these succulent fountains below:

This succulent fountain is a piece of “garden art” that would go great with any and all of it’s surrounding.

This may serve as one of the best modern indoor planters. A timeless piece that will never go out of style.

This succulent “garden fountain” has some nice size succulent echeveria plants above and below.

This ornate, multi-part fountain features some unusual low-maintenance succulents and due to their funky angles, quite eye-catching. They pair well with the softer features of the sedums planted below as well.

This is a gorgeous Spanish style container displaying cactus and succulents in a very thoughtful way. A fun way to show off and feature garden plants in their best light.

Look at the beauty of this stylish outdoor fountain, filled with an array of wild and exotic plants. Gaze at the beauty of the colorful and unique succulents such as the fragrant aloe and the ever expanding hens and chicks. My only concern with this being outside where weather could topple over its small base.

source: pinterest

This succulent fountain design features three tiers that are spacious enough to design how you see fit. The below setup cleverly hides the soil making it look more clean and pleasant. It will compliment it’s surroundings and the “bluish” color stands out at the same time.


The succulent container garden design is very eye catching. Notice the wonderful succulent arrangement and handy use of pebbles to hide the soil. You’re drawn to the unique design and find it to be both classical and modern.

source: pinterest

A wonderful leveled planter setup… very unique, creative yet a simple way to assemble a succulent planter with colorful echeveria plants. The colors of the flowers are very attractive and eye-catching.

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