Pool Landscape: Plants and Ideas To Make Your Pool, Patio Area A Sanctuary

Pool landscape plants, what do you look for if you are lucky enough to have a pool in your backyard, and know the pleasures it can provide.

To enhance that pleasure a pool provides, taking the opportunity to add pool landscaping, patio furniture like this and decorate the pool area, anyone can turn their pool and patio area into a private oasis.

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When it comes to landscape design around a pool, the ideas are endless. Ideas which reflect your entertainment style, yet make it personal.

Backyard pool landscaping ideas played out in a design making your pool and patio area your very own sanctuary, hiding right out your back door.

However, to accomplish this… you need a plan, a landscape design plan.

Two “hardscape” features which produce dramatic results in pool landscaping are landscape lights and landscaping bricks or pavers.

Landscaping Around The Outside Of The Pool

For some pools, the landscape around the pool may seem boring or messy. To dress up the patio, pool and backyard add plants and flowers around the pool.

Plants planted directly in the ground creates a more permanent layout.
However, since we are talking about planting near a loaction with lost of pool water splashing out, make sure the area has well-drained soil. Place decorative stones or rocks in between the flowers.

Elephant ears for example make excellent tropical plant accents for poolside in-ground or above-ground pools.

Mulch is another great way to camouflage the disturbed dirt in and around the pool area.

Annual plants potted in decorative pottery can be moved around. A real plus when “room” needs to be created when entertaining outdoors.

If you are that person who absolutely loves being outdoors and spends as much time outside as inside. There is no reason why you cannot decorate with landscaping plants it just like you would a room in your home and even include sound.

Landscaping and Pool Plants


Crotons love lots of light, are colorful making them excellent landscape plant choices planted or potted around the pool deck or patio.

Adding plants in the pool area does require thought and consideration. For example, an above ground pool, the landscaping may include plants which must be potted in containers.

The design idea is to make the area more inviting but not increase maintenance. Truth is, some plants can be pretty but are also messy. They may drop leaves or flower petals, that’s where the problem comes in.

In the pool area stay away from plants like:

When the leaves or flowers fall by or in the pool or deck, they can make a mess.

For color try some potted plants like zinnia that hold their petals and the leaves stay on for a long time. Pool fiber Optic lighting

Since pool areas get lots of sun and usually some partial shade a couple other plants – depending on where you live – could be planted in the landscape or used as potted plants placed around the poolside.

For example,

Whatever plants you put near the pool be selective.

Positioning Patio Furniture

It does not seem like much of an issue, but by carefully placing every piece of furniture… it can make a huge difference in the look of the pool landscape (just like indoors).

Garden statues, potted plants, candles, and even pillows on your furniture will create a warm and inviting space. Storage is another very important consideration.

Canopy For The Pool

If your pool is in an open area with little partial shade, you may decide to add a canopy over the patio or deck area to create a better space for outdoor entertaining on those sunny or hot afternoons.

By installing a simple tent or canopy, you can ensure all of your outdoor plans will not be ruined by bad weather.

Fences And Gates

One very important landscaping “necessity” is pool safety, this goes for the backyard as well. It is always a good safety measure (most communities require them) to have a swimming pool fence with a locking gate around the pool area.

This is especially true if you have small children. There is an array are styles and choices on the market when it comes to pool safety fencing.

There should be a style and color(s) to match your home décor.

Privacy – Essential For Pools


Privacy plays an important role when it comes to landscape choices and owning a pool. Fences that are high with slats close together will create a feeling of privacy for you and your family when lounging around and enjoying your backyard pool.

Storage Units

Anyone who has a pool knows there are plenty of chemicals and accessories to store. You’ll need a place for storage to keep your loungers, inner tubes and toys as well. Landscaping can play an important role in “hiding” the storage area and bins.

You will find plenty of designs and ideas to make your pool area look better. You do not have to go with the normal plastic storage units.


Landscaping and pools go hand in hand. Taking the time to create a personal space for you and your family can produce hours of enjoyment, and memories you can never recapture.

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