Dress Up Your Deck Or Pool With Fiber Optic Pool Lighting

Lighting reflecting off water, can create unique shadows and mystery or light can highlight a special water feature. When fiber optics and low voltage lighting merge, the results can be described only as “Cool” along with some intrigue!

Most of us have seen landscape lighting, reflecting off the water in a pond, creating unique shadows, mystery or highlighting a special water feature.


Many are also familiar with the term “fiber optics.” When fiber optics and low voltage landscape lighting join forces, the results can be described only as “Cool” along with some intrigue!

Fiber Optic Lighting and Pools

Normal low voltage landscape lighting (Malibu lighting) is distinctly different from fiber optic lighting, especially when used in a pool environment.

The lighting source of the fiber optic has an illuminator box mounted on shore in a “dry area” where the light bulb is mounted inside it.

Often the underwater lighting setup includes a rotating color wheel that the light shines through. As the color wheel rotates the light changes color. The light runs down the fiber optic cables which are in the water.

No power is in the water. This makes changing a light bulb very easy, since the light bulb in not underwater but in the illuminator box located in a dry pool area on shore.

A fiber optic cables can be up to 80 feet long, and up to 18 fiber cables can be “powered” from one light bulb located in the illuminator box.

EasyPro Pond Fiber Optic Pool Lights

The EasyPro deluxe fiber optic systems offer some advantages over other fiber optic manufacturer brands:

    • Much Smaller Size – Makes hiding the illuminators easier, also the EasyPro advanced technology permits the illuminators to be much smaller than other manufacturers.


  • Longer Cables – The standard fiber optic kits have cables which carry more space between actual lights and the light source.
  • More Colors – EasyPro fiber lighting kits come built in with 8 different colors
  • Built in Cooling Fan – To protect from overheating the Deluxe illuminators come with two built-in cooling fans.
  • Lower Price – Superior design and engineering allows for superior product and less money!

Quality Fiber Optic Cable Increases Light Output

A high quality solid core fiber optic cable can transmit over 200% more light, making the remarkable difference in the visual lighting output. Many lower-quality fiber optic kits use multiple, smaller strands of fiber. A quality kit with high quality cables can be up to 80 feet long.

Solid core optic cables allow light to shine all the down the a length of the cable, and not just at the end. Great for use around ponds, pools and architectural fountains.

Solid and regular light cables can, be often be mixed using the same illuminator.

If you have pond, swimming pool or water feature and want to add lighting to dress things up, check out fiber optic cool pool lighting to add a whole new look to you landscape water.

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