Rex Begonias As House Plants

The attractive foliage of the Rex Begonia

Rex Begonias aka the painted-leaf begonia grows on window sills, on plant stands, tables, and even a breezeway. At one time, the Rex begonia was thought to be strictly for

Fancy Leaf Begonia – The REX

fancy begonia leaves on a REX

The fancy leaf begonia known as the REX likes warm, humid conditions in filtered sunlight. Lovers of the Rex begonias consider them the most, brilliant and majestic of all foliage

Growing The Tuberous Begonia

In the East, tuberous rooted begonias are grown successfully in many locations, some perfect, others makeshift. In Massachusetts, potted begonias with saucer-size blossoms of strong, pure color, brighten the shade

Tuberous Begonia Care Not Impossible

Have Tuberous Begonia care been a discouraging gardening project for you? Once you’ve seen them growing to perfection in the Pacific Northwest, you’ll probably vow to grow them where you

Growing Wax Begonias from Seed

wax begonias in assorted colors - pink, white, red

One of the greatest wonders to be seen in this wonderful business of growing plants indoors or out is the sprouting of a brown, dead-looking seed. And even more miraculous

How To Care For A Begonia: Video

Begonias come in all sizes, shapes, flower colors and with the rex begonia – leaf designs. Below is a good video on begonia care, offering tips needed for the proper