27 Outdoor Step Lighting Ideas That Will Amaze You

Whether you want to use stairs or step lights to liven up your backyard, or you only want to see high-end stair lighting designs, this post provides you with 27 curated outdoor step lighting installations.

outdoor step lighting a collection

A Collection of 27 Outdoor Step Lighting Installations

No two gardens look the same. They use, different looks, styles, plants and hardscape materials. How you move around in the garden is unique as well. One way to “transform” a garden uses lighting which involves lighting the outdoor pathways, walkways, steps and stairs.

For some great ideas with garden lights, for lighting where you walk, be it on a rock path, climbing wooden stairs or taking strides on large pieces of natural stone. You’ll be impressed by all the creatives ways and ideas used to light our steps in the garden.

Under Step and Under Stair Lighting

These outdoor step lights look beyond cool; they make up the stairs themselves. Lighting up the garden with a passion no other step light could. It makes itself the center of attention. Perfect for people that like luxury yet unique appearance. So modern and sleek.

These lights are well hidden under the rim of each step giving the elevating part of the step some well-deserved illumination. They act as real kitchen under cabinet lights for your steps.

source: homedsgn.com

These outdoor steps remind me of candlelit dinners. The lighting looks like it is just enough and not too bright. Almost like little lines of fire under each step. Adding LED path lights with motion sensor feature will make it more dreamy.

source: zillow

Quite sophisticated and cozy looking, with definitely a modern feel. The lighting works well for a smaller area and gives each landing and extra touch making the stairs look even more unique.

The step lights arranged in a diagonal pattern going up and down, shine brightly to show you the exact location of each step landing are. The diagonal pattern they keep the steps interesting.

The lights on these outdoors steps look like floating candles.  I love the elegant and minimalistic they look. Perfect for any space.

This staircase is the kind people dream about for their garden and backyard.  It offers the best of both world by having higher and lower levels to enjoy and relax. I’m sure striking in the evening! Perfect for higher spiral staircase as well!

source: ephenry.com

The stone pathway to this house lights up with what almost appears like “lighted bricks.” The use of cheap pathway lights in this setup is so simple, yet so elegant providing very soft and romantic lighting on your outdoor stairway.

These stone steps look so rich with lighting spilling out on every other level looks to provide enough light without overpowering. Truly eye-catching and unique!

The lights beneath these stair treads look distracting from the angle in the image with every other step lit. Lots of light filling the large wooden  steps, to keep everyone safe.

I love how these low voltage wooden step lights looks very modern with a minimalist feel but still look great and provide ample light! Not sure if the “dark area” actually holds a mini solar panel.

source: eBay.com

Another application for these deck step outdoor solar lights mounted to a fence. A modern, minimalistic, simple, yet also very cool and classy look. These solar path lights are great for the modern family!

A modern twist on lighting illuminates the stairs leading to an outdoor second level, adding style and sophistication the garden in a unique way.

source: trex.com

Stairs interestingly flare out with semi-circles. The wood on the landings looks to almost wrap around. The lighting below each step truly highlights the staircase.

source: archello.com

The soft lights on every other step give you the “runway” approach to the entrance of a contemporary home. An aesthetically pleasing lighting application.

The right side of this residence. A series of outdoor lights are illuminating steps, looking incredibly stylish, bit providing safety and ease of use.

These oddly small lights may not provide lots of lighting for the steps. However, with these lights on your steps, you will never be lost in the dark! Very inconspicuous and lots of work a DIY project.

The outdoor steps appear “steep” and the look stylish while providing plenty of extra light for the outdoor staircase. The lighting looks practical without taking up space. Excellent use of light on the handrails as well!

Soothing lights illuminate the steps going to the backyard of a home. Highlighting each step providing additional safety features as well as ambiance.

DIY Outdoor Step Lighting

These paper lanterns make for a magical accent for a garden party. An excellent yet unusual scheme for garden pathway lighting.

Planning a gathering and worried about guest climbing your outdoor steps to another level? Adding these DIY outdoor path lights to the concrete steps make for a quick and easy fix.

source: feeney’s

With executed hanging lights under the rim of this deck railing. Looking like a vein of energy coursing through the yard but not overwhelmingly. Use rope lighting for this type of application.

source: deavita.fr

The design of these lights built into the step share some intricate patterns to amuse yourself and visitors. A fun way to add visual interest. They do not make a cool shadow, though.

The light appear as the base of these “slab” steps providing a modern feel to the landscape illuminating the whole area with a feeling… it will never sleep.

Evenly spaced to light up the area near them and nothing more. The lighting adds a bit of sparkle most steps desperately scream for.

These step lights illuminate the path and don’t blind, while they emit a “soft” glow to make sure visitors know the location of the seating area.

source: zillow.com

The fire pit spices up a backyard, and the lighted concrete steps invite guests to what appears as another level of the backyard.

These small outdoor step lights do a great job of lighting up the steps, adding the perfect amount of light without taking up space.

h/t architectureartdesigns.com