9 Vines Good For Warm Weather Areas

Mandevilla a good warm weather vine

Vines can be prune and shaped to fit any space and trained into espalier forms. They are also used to cover arbors, trellises, screens, and so on. They are also good groundcovers. Additionally, they are perfect for greenhouses and heated porches. We share several for warm weather locations.

Is Virginia Creeper Poisonous?

Virginia creeper vine is it poisonous?

The Virginia creeper vine is one of the prettiest plants that belong to the grape family, which makes it quite attractive to have around your household. This drove many people

Crossvine Care: How To Grow Bignonia Capreolata Vines

Flowering Bignonia capreolata Crossvine

Bignonia capreolata [big-NO-nee-uh kap-ree-oh-LAH-tuh] the Crossvine, is a fast-growing climber native to the United States. It thrives in the tropical regions of central and southern America.  The Crossvine, is named

Vines And Windows Boxes: Rules In Use

vines overgrowing at front door

Two landscape design items needing proper placement in any public landscape area are vines and window boxes. Both should be used with restraint, but when used correctly, they are effective

Silver Lace Vine Care: Tips On Growing The Polygonum Aubertii

Blooming Silver Lace Vine (Polygonum Aubertii)

Polygonum Aubertii [pol-ee-GO-num, oh-BER-ee-eye], alternatively known as Fallopia aubertii, Fallopia baldschuanica, and Polygonum baldschuanicum, is a fast-growing vine species of the family Polygonaceae, commonly known as the knotweed family. The flowering perennial vine species is