What Is The Best Soil For A Lawn?

Summary: The best lawn soil is loam soil, a soil that drains well and contains – clay, sand, and humus – in the right proportions  Question: We want to improve our lawn soil. It

Take-All Root Rot on St. Augustine Grass

Question: The St Augustine grass in our yard shows significant dying-out. I don’t see any grub worms; I’ve applied fungicide and fertilizer with no success. A neighbor told me about

Problems of Growing Grass in Shade

Summary: Growing grass in shade can be a major lawn problem for homeowners. Even with excellent grass seed germination, sowing grass seed does not solve this problem. In this article

Leaf Blowers – Selecting the Right Type

Question: I’m looking to buy my first leaf blower… We finally moved into our first house and after raking leaves and sweeping for what seems like forever I’m ready to

Crabgrass Control the Dry Way

The use of dry chemical formulations has long been one of the most effective ways to control crabgrass in turf. The popularity of this method has been due to the

Lawn Care – Questions & Answers

Summary: This post is series of lawn care questions and answers we’ve put together from various emails sent in. Question: What is a good lawn? Answer: A good lawn is

5 Tips For Late Summer Lawn Care

Lawn mower cutting grass

Most lawn owners are struggling with forces beyond their knowledge. Many lawn experts talk over the heads of “Mr. and Mrs. Homeowner” who have not been trained in the ways

8 Worst Things You Can Do to Your Lawn

One of the most important aspects of your home is not the interior design, but rather the landscaping of your front and back yard. But like any living organism, homeowners

Tips On Lawn Watering and Irrigation

Summary: Lawn Watering and Irrigation – it is a subject with much discussion. In this article we’ll break the lawn watering topic into smaller bit size pieces to help you