What And How To Make Jade Plant Leaves Turn Red?

Jade plants make beautiful house plants. They are very hardy and can withstand a lot, making them the perfect plant for novice plant owners. 

If you own one, it is not uncommon to notice the thick leaves turning a red-brown color at some point in the life of your plant.

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If this happens, there is no need to fret! It is usually harmless.

Let’s look at some possible reasons that your Jade plant leaves are turning red and how you can turn them red on your own.

Why Do Jade Plants Turn Red?

 Here are a few reasons your Jade plant leaves are turning red:

  • Your Jade plant can begin to turn red if you place it in intense amounts of direct sun. I recently moved my plant from my kitchen to my front porch, and within days the leaves had turned red.
  • Sharp fluctuations in temperature are another possible cause. The change usually takes place as it turns to summer or winter.
  • Your Jade plant might turn red if the potting soil is lacking certain nutrients. This can happen if you don’t fertilize your succulent plant at all. 
  • If you reduce the frequency of your watering, it can cause the leaves to turn.
  • If you usually fertilize your plant and stop for an extended period of time, it can change the leaves. 
  • Insect infestations are the final possible cause that your Jade plant may be turning red. 

Are Red Leaves Bad For Your Plant?

If your Jade plant leaves are turning red, it does not mean that the plant is suffering.

Jade plants are technically succulents that are native to dry and arid conditions that are inhospitable to most plants. If your plant is still healthy and growing, then there is no reason to worry.

However, there are a few reasons that might be concerning for your plant. Jade plants are susceptible to spider mites, which are a sap-sucking insect.

If you notice there are red dots on the leaves and stems or a thin webbing across the plant, you might have a spider mite problem.

Another sign of spider mites is deformed leaves. Luckily if you do find your Jade plant is infested, you can take care of it by spraying insecticidal soap or neem on the plant.

It is essential to check your other houseplants if this is the case because they may be infected too.

Other pest issues are possible in Jade plants as well. As long as the leaves look healthy and you can detect new growth, you should be alright. 

How to Make Jade Plant Leaves Turn Red

If you like the color of red Jade leaves, you can produce the effect yourself by altering the light, nutrients, and water that your plant receives. 

For deep green leaves, plant your Jade in fertile soil and keep it in medium light. Fertilize monthly and only water the soil when it is dry. 

For intense red leaves, grow your plant in less fertile soil. Keep it in direct sunlight or even put it outside if it is warm.

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Watering your plant less frequently and forgoing the fertilizer will also make it turn. The less fertile the soil and the more direct the light, the redder your plant will be!

Finally, if you desire green leaves with red tips, grow your plant in somewhat fertile soil and water it occasionally. Keep it in a partially sunny area and cut back on fertilization. 

If you see your Jade plant leaves turning red, do not worry. Check for spider mites first, then relax and enjoy the dynamic and beautiful colors.

Some plants will turn red on the leaves’ underside, and some plants will only turn red on the top half of the plant.

Have fun experimenting with your plant and finding the hue that you enjoy most!

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